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In-Stock Ammunition for Sale: Quality & Affordable Ammo Options Available Now!

We offer great deals and expert service. The Armory is a federally licensed firearms dealer, stocking brands of long guns, handguns and ammunition. Available for in-store special order, we can try to get what you need - a Taurus revolver, Browning shotgun, Glock pistol, Remington rifle, or any caliber of ammo from .17 to .50 BMG from Winchester, Federal, Remington, PMC, Aguila, S&B, Corbon, Speer, CCI, Wolf, PPU/Prvi Partizan, Armscor or even military surplus.

We strive to be your friendly, full-service, local gunshop on the internet. Please look to us for one-stop shopping for everything from your small shooting odds-and-ends to your regular high-use items. Check back and refresh your pages regularly! This site is constantly growing.

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 Prices and stock in our online store can and WILL differ from prices and stock in our retail store.
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