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We sympathize with all of our customers that live in restrictive areas. In the spirit of helping you exercise your rights we have policies in place listed by state on this page. Look for your state below.

New York State
We can still provide you with the ammo you need. Just follow this process to make it faster and easier for you.

1. When you place your order make sure you put your "Ship to" as a registered FFL "Dealer". This means any person, firm, partnership, corporation or company who engages in the business of purchasing, selling, keeping for sale, loaning, leasing, or in any manner disposing of, any assault weapon, large capacity ammunition feeding device, pistol or revolver. (Collectors of Curios and Relics Licenses are NOT considered dealers). We are aware of the MOU to the NYSAFE Act which lifts the requirement for background checks for ammunition purchases. Unfortunately, while it was reported by some sources as allowing online sales, there is no language in the MOU addressing allowing online sales direct to NY residents nor language to lift the "face-to-face" requirement for ammunition transfers to NY residents. As such, we will only ship to FFL dealers. Here is the SAFE Act MOU

The in person requirement went into effect January 15, 2014: 2. Once you finalize your order we will need a copy of the dealer's license

3. Once the information is received by us we can ship you order to the dealer.
We will NOT ship magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds (note some localities in New York have even more stringent restrictions such as Buffalo's 5-round rifle-magazine limit).

We are unable to ship ammunition to individuals in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Massachusetts requires a license for ammunition sellers, which we will not pursue with the State of Massachusetts. We can however ship ammunition to FFL dealers. We will need a copy of the FFL before your order will ship. This does not apply to accessories. We will NOT ship magazines with a capacity higher than 10 rounds.

If you live in Illinois, outside of Chicago and Cook County, We can Ship to you! What we need from you is a valid and readable copy of both your Firearm Owner's Identification Card and your Driver’s License front and back. Unfortunately, Cook Co. requires an ammunition tax, which we will not support. This will not be necessary if you only ordered accessories.

If you live in Connecticut. We will need a valid readable copy of both your Pistol Permit or other valid credentials, and Drivers License to ship you ammunition. We will NOT ship magazines with a capacity higher than 10 rounds.

We will ship ammunition only to licensed ammunition vendors and FFL dealers (note that as of July 1, 2019, FFL 03 C&R licenses are no longer included in the Prop. 63 exemptions). If you are unsure just go ahead and complete your order we will let you know by the next business day if you are ok to ship to on not. Only handguns which are on the California DOJ Roster of Certified Handguns can be shipped into California. Unfortunately, with a stay is in effect in the Duncan v. Becerra ruling, we can not ship magazines with capacities greater than 10 rounds.

We will NOT ship magazines with a capacity higher than 15 rounds.

We will NOT ship magazines with a capacity higher than 10 rounds.

New Jersey
We will NOT ship magazines with a capacity higher than 10 rounds. If you are ordering handgun ammunition, you must provide a copy of your driver's license and copy of the proof of your ability purchase handgun ammunition pursuant to your local Laws (Firearms Purchaser Identification Card, a permit to purchase a handgun, or a carry permit)

We will NOT ship handgun magazines with a capacity higher than 15 rounds and rifle magazines with a capacity higher than 10 rounds..

District of Columbia
We will NOT ship ANY products to the D.C. Metro area.

 In addition we will only ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico and USVI items which can be shipped by US Postal Service (non-HAZMAT and non-serial number items.