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Due to the upcoming changes in CA Law regarding the shipment of ammunition, we have already ceased all processing of ammunition orders to CA until a process is put in place to comply with the new laws. Any CA ammo orders going forward are subject to cancellation.

7.62 Nagant Ammo for Sale 

7.62 Nagant Ammo (7.62x38R)

Also known as the 7.62x38mmR, the 7.62mm Nagant was designed by Fedor Tokarev. This round chambers in the Russian Nagant M1895 revolver. Although not used by the Soviets, the advantage of the Nagant round is that it leaves the chambers cleans, leaving no need to remove lead and residue.

7.62x38 Nagant Ammo for Sale

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    7.62 Nagant (7.62x38R) 98 gr PPU Ammo Box (50rds)
    7.62 Nagant (7.62x38R) 98 gr PPU Ammo Box (50rds)
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