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45 ACP (45 Auto) 230gr FMJ Sellier & Bellot Case (1000 rds)

45 ACP (45 Auto) 230gr FMJ Sellier & Bellot Case (1000 rds)

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average rating 92%
8 reviews
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45 ACP (45 Auto) 230gr FMJ Sellier & Bellot Case (1000 rds)

S&B 45 ACP Ammo 230gr FMJ. Brass cased, Boxer Primed, Copper Jacket. Sellier & Bellot only manufactures to CIP specifications to ensure reliable, safe operation. Muzzle Ballistics : Velocity: 853 FPS | Energy: 371 ft-lbs

Product 45 ACP (45 Auto) 230gr FMJ Sellier & Bellot
Caliber 45 ACP | 45 Auto
Projectile Weight 230gr | 230 Grains
Projectile Jacket FMJ | Full Metal Jacket
Case Type Factory Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Velocity 853 FPS
Energy 372 ft-lbs
UPC 754908505258
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Average rating:
average rating 92%
8 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Accurate ammo, relatively clean 09/05/2017
I really like this ammo. I hadn't tried it before I ordered, but I took a risk based on all the great reviews and I wasn't disappointed. I've shoot a couple hundred rounds through my FNX-45. No ftf ftes or misfires. Relatively clean at this price point. My FNX seems to like it more than American Eagle, which surprised me. Good ammo at a great price and The Armory delivered quickly!
average rating 100%
Ammo 04/26/2021
By Kenneth Barron
Ammo was as ordered and came on a timely basis.
average rating 100%
Sellier and Bellot .45 ACP 05/08/2021
By James Stanley
Happy with the ammunition. I fired a few rounds at the range today and they exceeded my expectations. Clean burning powder with little residue from firing. The rounds are Copper FMJ and that is fine, it cuts down on the lead deposits in the barrel. I give Sellier and Belot a 10 for their ammo. Its hard to find ammo in quantity these days. I appreciate their manufacturing effort and quality.
average rating 80%
Helpful help 03/15/2022
By Andrew Kochis
My original order was evidently damaged by FedEx and returned to you. Dave F. Was very good about turning around a replacement order fast. FedEx then shipped that order clear to Colorado then back to Illinois. It arrived yesterday looking like it had been a rough trip indeed. But all is well. Thanks for the good service on your part.
average rating 60%
45 S&B 1000 rds 08/28/2019
By James Taylor
Sellier & Ballot always works well for me. Shipping was fast, but not well packaged, received shipment in very poor condition, 5 boxes of ammo were completely tore apart, some shipping paper around the loose 50 rd boxes would have prevented most of the damage!