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In Store Pickup and Matching of Online Prices at our Storefront

Prices on the web are oftentimes cheaper than store prices due to overhead being alot less on the web verses the store. Due to the high volume on the website, we often turn off the product to prevent us from overselling. Our website inventory does not synchronize with our store inventory so when the volume gets low, we will disable products on the website from being sold and our cost to sell the product goes up due to the increased overhead and we will no longer honor the online price. The "In Stock" and "Out of Stock" status on the website are manually changed and on occasion will be incorrect.

The other issue you should be aware of is we may not have the product you're looking for at the storefront even if it states "In Stock" in our online store. This is because we have three warehouses that we ship from and must draw from them for the storefront location inventory and oftentimes will sell the product out from our storefront but still have it available at our warehouses. If you are planning on picking the product up in the store that you see in the online store, you may perform an online order for "Store Pickup", the product will be waiting for you the next day for your pickup.
We will honor the prices in the Online Store if you come in as long as you do the following:

1. Place the order in the online store and and select "In Store Pickup" during checkout under the shipping options. We will have the product ready the following business day and you will not pay any shipping charges.

2. The second method is to access our online store and locate the product you wish to buy at the storefront. Attempt to add the product to your online shopping cart; if the site allows you to add the product to your cart, then we can match this price at the storefront. If it does not, then the online price cannot be honored at the storefront. The "In-Stock" or "Out of Stock" status indicators on the products are not always correct; the only way to confirm is to attempt to add the product to your online shopping cart. We will then verify again at the storefront that we can still add it to the shopping cart in the online store.

This method is not as definite as the first as the product can become Out of Stock in our online store five minutes before you walk into the storefront. The first method locks you in at the online price and prevents you from walking in and the product being sold out entirely.

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