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22 Short Ammo

Twenty-two Caliber Short Ammunition, initially developed for self-defense by Smith & Wesson for their revolver, is a subset of .22 caliber rimfire manufacturing. Following 1871, .22 rimfire branched into .22 Long and .22 Short, originally loading a 29gr/30gr bullet with 4g of black powder. Needing less spin to stabilize the round, the .22 short round makes a good load for game such as coyotes.

Modern .22 Short, many starter pistols using the .22 short black cartridges, are still used in a few pocket pistols and mini-revolvers, is predominantly used as a quieter round for practice by the recreational shooter. Even some powder-actuated nail guns use the .22 Short cartridge as its power source.

22 Short Ammo For Sale

  • 22 Short 29gr CB LRN Subsonic CCI Ammo Box (100 rds)
  • 22 Short 29gr CPRN CCI Ammo Box (100 rds)