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223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55gr FMJ Wolf Gold - 1000rds in 50 Cal Ammo Can

223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55gr FMJ Wolf Gold - 1000rds in 50 Cal Ammo Can

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average rating 98%
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223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55gr FMJ Wolf Gold - 1000rds in 50 Cal Ammo Can

Wolf's "GOLD" line of 223 ammo uses a BRASS casing with a BOXER primer that is fully reloadable. The projectile is a copper jacketed lead core bullet and this ammo is 100% non-corrosive.

| Wolf Gold 223 | 55gr FMJ | Velocity: 3250 FPS | Brass Case | Boxer Primed | 20 Rounds/Box | NO STEEL ANYWHERE | 1000 Rounds Packed in an Issued/Used US Ammo Can |

Ammo Can Details: 1 Used/Issued Milspec 50 Cal Ammo Can. These are genuine US Made [NOT made in China knock-offs]. Again they are also used/issued and have been fielded so they WILL have blemishes/scratches and may have minor rust but still work and seal just fine - Adds Character! Markings and condition will be random.

Product 223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55gr FMJ Wolf Gold Ammo
Caliber 223 Remington (Compatible with 5.56x45 Chambers)
Projectile Weight 55gr | 55 Grains
Projectile Jacket FMJ | Full Metal Jacket
Case Type Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Reloadable Yes
Velocity 3250 FPS
Energy 1289 ft-lbs
UPC 645611301032

WOLF is the only ammunition company that provides a 100% Performance Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, WOLF will refund your money on the unused portion of the ammunition, including and freight charges. Visit for details and contact.

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Average rating:
average rating 98%
172 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Bullseye!!! 08/21/2015
By Nightshifter999
This is the first time ordering ammo for me. I had always bought locally; but when I checked the price of ammo for my new AR I decided to look elsewhere. I looked for a while and narrowed it down to 2 different sites. I chose The Armory over the other site because of the shipping options. Both company's had competitive pricing; but being able to up grade the packaging helped. With the used ammo can versus buying the ammo from the other site the prices was within a couple dollars. Actually I think the other site was the lower of the two. They just didn't have the shipping upgrade and there shipping rates were a lot higher. As far as getting the ammo I thought it would be a week before I'd see it arrive; but I ordered on Wed night late and its Fri. and it's already here! Now if the ammo works as good as The Armory I will be impressed! I know they have got one new customer!
average rating 100%
First purchase 01/13/2017
By Tom Duncan
After checking local gun shops and on line prices on bulk ammo buys l decided to make my purchase from The Armory. Their site was easy to use and not cluttered with a bunch of junk adds. The purchase was straight forward and they sent a confirmation email within minutes. I didn't ask for expedited shipping and expected 7-10 days for arrival.
The Armory sent me a tracking number within 24 hours so I would know when to expect the goods.
My bulk shipment arrived about 7 days later in good shape.
Superior service and shipping follow up!
Great jobs by These folks, I highly recommend their products and services to anyone buying bulk ammo.
Thanks Armory,.. you have gained a lifetime customer.
average rating 100%
Great deal for brass cased ammo 07/11/2015
By Dante Alipio
I've made 2 no-hassle purchases with The Armory so far this year and I won't hesitate to go back for more. The ammo is just as advertised and cycles just fine in my rifles. And the ammo can was in great condition and works just as it should. Shipping was super fast compared to other online retailers (*cough* Freedom Munitions *cough*). Both my orders were shipped the next business day. I opted for the heavy duty packaging the first time and then just the discrete packaging the second time. Both times I felt the extra $4 & $3 (respectively) was worth it. Buy with confidence from The Armory!
average rating 100%
Great ammo/experience 07/03/2015
By Lawrence Lupine
Originally i only ordered this to unlock the armorys' stacking secret that allowed them to put 1k rounds in boxes in the ammo can.That alone was worth pure gold (no pun intended). :D

From order placement to receipt took less than 72 hours, the ammo can is the real usgi deal, and it is either new or repainted very professionaly.

This is hands down, bar none the best deal on the entirety of the interwebz for brass cased boxer primed 556 ammo. Period. Buy it.
average rating 100%
223 Wolf Gold 08/22/2015
By Fred W
Just ordered the 50cal can of 223 wolf gold ammo on Wed. By lunch time on Fri. It was delivered to my house. I thought I would see it for about another week! The Armory has the fastest shipping I have ever had. I really like that they give you the option to get heavier duty packing and discreet labeling. If the ammo turns out to be as good as the rest of the experience I'll be very happy. Can't wait to try it out. I will definitely be buying from The Armory again!!!