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223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55gr FMJ Wolf Gold Battle Pack (500 rds)

223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55gr FMJ Wolf Gold Battle Pack (500 rds)

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223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55gr FMJ Wolf Gold Battle Pack (500 rds)

Wolf's "GOLD" line of 223 ammo uses a BRASS casing with a BOXER primer that is fully reloadable. The projectile is a copper jacketed lead core bullet and this ammo is 100% non-corrosive.

| Wolf Gold 223 | 55gr FMJ | Velocity: 3250 FPS | Brass Case | Boxer Primed | NO STEEL ANYWHERE |



500 Round Battle Pack

Product Wolf Gold 223 Ammo - 55gr FMJ
Caliber 223 Remington (Compatible with 5.56x45 Chambers)
Projectile Weight 55gr | 55 Grains
Projectile Jacket Copper FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)
Case Type Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Reloadable Yes
Velocity 3250 FPS
Energy 1289 ft-lbs

WOLF is the only ammunition company that provides a 100% Performance Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, WOLF will refund your money on the unused portion of the ammunition, including and freight charges. Visit for details and contact.

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Average rating:
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21 reviews

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Review 04/16/2016
By Todd Parmigiani
Fantastic, All aspects of my experience with the Armory. From the start it was easy to order, when I called to get an update on my order the representative girl was nice instead of the normal rude when you call a company for information on an order. Also was very informative and after answering all my questions she took the time with me to make sure that I happy. As most of you all know that seems to be rare when ordering on the internet now a days. Also my order was even delivered 2 days before it was supposed to be. With the customer service and great prices don't waste your time going anywhere else, the Armory is the only way to go, thank you Armory.
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Excellent Product 06/12/2017
By Dr Mark
I've been waiting to try the new Wolf Gold. I mainly shoot PNC or Geco 223/556. All of them are good quality ammunition. I have to admit that Wolf Gold is the best value and is every bit as good or better. I can tell just by looking at this ammunition, that they are munufactured with high quality control standards. They are accurate and clean burning. For me knowing that I'm using a quality ammunition, makes me confident in whatever I'm using it for whether it be at the range or self defense.
average rating 100%
Super Fast! 06/28/2016
By Jim W
I live in central NC I ordered this Wolf Gold after watching many videos and reading lots of very positive reviews, well as of right now I can only speak of the looks and the fact that it goes boom! And it has done that every trigger squeeze, I can also say it seems to shoot same point of aim as the Lake City xm193 so that part I'm happy about. And a big shout out to The Armory for getting it to me so fast, one day later it was at my door!!! Thanks
average rating 100%
Best Ammo for the Money! 06/10/2017
By Dr Mark
I basically shoot 3 kinds of quality ammunition Geco .223/.556, PMC .223 and this ammunition Wolf Gold .223. Out of the 3, this one is my favorite choice. The manufacturing process seems to have tighter tolreances than the other 2. It's pretty obvious just by looking at the round. It looks sreamlined and polished. It shoots very well and it is the most accurate.
average rating 100%
Wife got mad 04/16/2017
Ordered half K of 223 for custom AR they arrived very quickly, best priced 55g brass, but guys don't leave your box open with receipt sticking out, wife got upset. I don't think what I spent was a lot, in fact I will probably buy more next paycheck.