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223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55gr FMJ Wolf Gold Ammo Case (1000 rds)

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Wolf's "GOLD" line of 223 ammo uses a BRASS casing with a BOXER primer that is fully reloadable. The projectile is a copper jacketed lead core bullet and this ammo is 100% non-corrosive.

Product Wolf Gold 223 Ammo - 55gr FMJ
Caliber 223 Remington (Compatible with 5.56x45 Chambers)
Projectile Weight 55gr | 55 Grains
Projectile Jacket Copper FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)
Case Type Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Reloadable Yes
Velocity 3250 FPS
Energy 1289 ft-lbs
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Average rating:
average rating 97%
123 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Best I have found 05/06/2016
By Todd Haner
This is the most consistently accurate 55 grain commercially loaded ammo I have tested to date in my rifles. It is also the least expensive I have been able to consistently find for new manufactured ammo with no steel and brass case. Clean shooting, zero cycling issues and good brass for reloading or selling to offset costs make this stuff an excellent value. I was saving the brass to reload, but now I am just shooting it and selling the extra brass to offset costs. I can't justify reloading for what little accuracy gain and cost savings I would get for a basic 55 gr. practice and plinking load.
average rating 100%
Thumbs up. 06/13/2016
By Tyler Rogers
Checkout was a little confusing at first, but I figured it out. Shipping was quick. While not my primary supplier, I will use again if the price is right.
As for the ammo:
Wolf gold is the secret us preppers don't want you to know about. Affordable and preforms well. Depending on who you talk to, it's re-branded M193. whether this be true or false, for the price I paid through The-Armory you can't beat for brass cased .223. Flawless through my guns.
average rating 100%
good stuff 06/21/2016
By nataswollof
bought this 1000rnds of wolf gold with the pa120 ammo can. Was everything and more, Will buy more for sure. Shot this in my S&W m&p 15 sport 2 and it ate it up. So far shot about 400 rnds and now I'm looking forward to trying out the polyformance. There's no steel anywhere, this is good ammo. I recommend getting it especially if it's on sale. Stock up! Stock up! I can't wait for the commie scum to set foot on our land!
average rating 100%
Very Pleased 09/23/2015
By Mark Usseglio
Great price.
Bought 3000 (3 cases) rounds so far. Shot 800 rounds so far and each one functioned perfectly. Pretty damn good accuracy also. I like these better than PMC.
Armory shipped it out in two days and gives you the choice of UPS or FEDX.
I shopped many sites and I will stay with the Armory for my ammo.
Only one request, remove all the out of stock items from the website.It clutters up the site.
average rating 100%
Amended Review! 07/06/2018
By Loren Wolfe
My earlier review below would have been 5 stars however, I only rated it 4/5 stars due to the ammo being shipped in the factory box.

Today I was contacted by the seller advising me that in fact plain packaging was an option which I apparently missed at check out.

Therefore, I have happily amended my review accordingly!