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 Buy This Kimber Eclipse Ultra II 1911 45 ACP for Sale
 Buy This Kimber Eclipse Ultra II 1911 45 ACP for Sale
Kimber Eclipse Ultra II 1911 | 45 ACP | Free Portable Pistol Safe 1

Kimber Eclipse Ultra II 1911 | 45 ACP | Free Portable Pistol Safe

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Kimber Eclipse Ultra II - 45 ACP


A unique Kimber that combines a 3-inch barrel with a stainless steel frame.

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Average rating:
average rating 100%
6 reviews

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steel mill worker 05/11/2006
By John Barlow
The fit and finish on this fine Kimber 45 auto 1911 weapon far surpasses any other production auto out there ! The accuracy , and preformance goes beyond my expectations. This auto 45 has a smooth action and a silky trigger pull. The only down side I found was putting the slide lock pin back in. It was a bit tricky. However , practice makes perfect !!
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Rock Solid 04/12/2008
By Gary B.
This is my second 1911 carry pistol and is by far the finest! Compact and tight, it is very accurate and felt recoil is less than would be expected. I agree with the steel mill worker; the slide lock pin is difficult to put in. After several tries I still never know if it will go back together. But it 's worth the effort.
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Kimber Eclipse Ultra II 02/19/2007
By Dan R
Simply phenomenal. The most accurate 3" barrel gun I've ever shot. Light weight, good looking, and I swear less jolt than most 4' barrels. My only negative - is something we all know. You get what you pay for, and this is a pricey one.
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kimber Eclips Ulta Target 02/01/2014
I have this in a 4" bbl and using 185gr. bullet it lines up nicely. I am thinking of getting the Kimber Eclips Ultra II in a 3" bbl This is the best .45 I have ever had, I would get another one
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Kimber ia a winner! 09/06/2008
By Kevin Lindsey
Hands down the best automatic pistol on the market. Very accurate, a great concealed carry gun. I don't leave home without mine!