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Glock G22 Gen3 | 40 S&W | Full Size
Glock G22 Gen3 | 40 S&W | Full Size
Free Portable Pistol Safe

Glock G22 Gen3 | 40 S&W | Full Size | Free Portable Pistol Safe

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By far the most popular police service pistol in the United States, the Glock 22 fires the potent 40 S&W cartridge and holds more rounds for its size and weight than most other full-sized handgun in its class.

Product Glock G22 Gen3 Full Size
Caliber 40 S&W | 40 Smith & Wesson
Magazine Capacity Standard: 15 | Optional: 16/22
Barrel Length 4.49"
Weight (w/o Mag) 22.75 oz
Weight (w/Empty Mag) 25.57 oz
Weight (w/Loaded Mag) 34.39 oz
Trigger Pull 20.65 ft-lbs
UPC 764503502224
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Average rating:
average rating 100%
15 reviews

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Perfect gun 11/10/2008
By Paul
I just picked up my Glock 22 last weekend and have already shot 100+ rounds. My other guns are: Beretta 92 and Govt. issue Colt 45 ACP. Although I love the .45 for its history and accuracy, the Glock 22 blows both of these guns away in terms of shootability, accuracy, and minimum recoil. I was shocked to find that there was hardly any kick to this gun being so light weight. It just feels "right" in your hand and I couldn't miss the target from 20+ yards. To be honest, I don't even want to shoot my other guns anymore...this one is far superior in every way.
average rating 100%
The Glock-22/.40 caliber 11/28/2006
By Gerry G. Lim
The Glock-22, chambered in the potent .40 S&W caliber was the first Glock automatic pistol I have purchased back in 1991. The particular model I have is still going strong after all these years. I have some parts broke like the extra locking block, but the Glock-armorer was quick to fix it on the spot. 15- rounds of hard-hitting 40 caliber cartridges are enough for my satisfaction in any confrontation. In which I'm not looking forward in the first place if I could avoid it at all cost. Thank you.
average rating 100%
Always works 12/23/2008
By Damon Thompson
This gun is nearly perfect in every way. It has never jammed and has never had a spot of rust. It also looks and feels excellent. I've had a model 22 for 15+ years and recently added a model 23 which also takes the 22 mags. The only drawback to this gun is it has no external safety since it's basically an army/police gun. I'd like a safety to keep it safe from my kids.
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Best I Have Ever Owned 01/13/2010
By Todd Wooten
I have a Glock 22C, with a 3.5 lbs trigger pull and high riz sights front and rear. By far it has been the best performing weapon as far as handguns go. Took my wife shooting and found that she could hit a target at 15 yrds with it,which she could not do before with a Spring Field .45, So I had to purchase another, and Gladly did so.
average rating 60%
Perfect .40 02/02/2009
By Armando Albovias
Bought a Glock .40 S&W recently and shot 100 ammo, never had a glitz and a lot less recoil than I expected compared to my Glock 17. I recommend it to anybody who would want to own a gun for personal protection and practice shooting. It's a dream to fire