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7.62x54r 148 gr FMJ Russian 880 Rd Case

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Russian made 7.62x54r 148gr FMJ. Affordable 7.62 x54r ammo for your Mosin-Nagants 91/30, m38, m44 and Dragunovs. If you have a Finnish rifle chambered in this round (also called 7.62x53mm or 7.62x53R).

Velocity 2785 fps, Energy 2549 ft lbs, Non Reloadable Berdan Primed Steel Case,

Twenty rounds per package. 22 packages per can (440 rounds) and 44 packages per case (880 rounds). Manufactured in the late 1960's to early 1980's. We will not ship a can opener with just one can, the order must be 2 tins or an 880 round case to receive a can opener.

The following are included with orders of 2 or more cans or the 880rd case.

  • Can Opener
  • Wooden Crate

Single cans will NOT include an opener or wooden create


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Average rating:
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20 reviews

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Excellent Buy 08/18/2012
By P Teresi
I've found this bulk 7.62x54r ammo to be the best deal out there, and believe me, I do plenty of researching and price shopping online. Some sites sell this for literally a buck or two less and then tack it all back on (and then some) with over priced, ballooned, shipping and handling charges. One company actually wants to charge you a "special" handling fee. Thanks, but no thanks. I've now purchased two crates from these guys (I keep one as backup) and will continue to purchase from here simply because the price is right and shipping charges are honest. Best of all, this ammo has performed with no issues thus far. Note: this ammo is corrosive. Just a little tip. I keep a bottle of window cleaner (the blue stuff) with ammonia in my trunk. After I'm done at the range, I remove the bolt and spray through the bolt chamber and down the barrel, and then through the bolt face, as well, to neutralize the salts from the Berdan primer. I've let it sit that way for a week before doin
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great price, great shipping! 08/17/2012
By Dennis Mattinson
I searched around for this bulk 7.62x54r ammo from the numerous sources available online and also talked to a FFL buddy of mine about securing a case. No one could beat the SHIPPED price on this, mainly because every other distributor is not on the east coast. Given that The Armory is a mere 6 hour drive from me, the shipping costs were very reasonable! The package arrived as described with VERY CLEAN ammo. The tins were inside in the banded wooden crate and the shipping folks overboxed the crate to make it less discreet and protect it some from shipping damage. One thing to note however is that I received Bulgarian ammo (circle 10 code) not Russian. Shot 25 rds last week and it all went bang and all my projectiles hit paper on a silhouette target. I am pleased and will buy more when the funds allow!
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FMJ Russia 880 Rd case 04/21/2012
I ordered the bulk 7.62 x 54r 148gr FMJ Russia 880 Rd ammo case for personal use. I received it the same week I ordered it. Took only 5 days. Excellent seller. The lot I received was made in 1975 with the silver tip. Outstanding ammo. Can't beat the price. I will definitely order more items (and this ammo if needed because 880 rounds will take some time to use up) from The Armory again. I will definitely recommend this ammo and web site to my friends whether they own a Mosin Nagant or not.
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Russian Surplus 7.62x54r 880 Rds 04/20/2012
By Michael S
I ordered my bulk 7.62x54r ammo early Thursday morning and i Had it on Friday at 2:00. Fastest Shipping Time and Cheapest Surplus ammo ive ever bought. The was made in 1975, 37 yrs old but looks like it was made yesterday. I have shot over 500 rds of surplus in my M91/30s and M44 No misfires or jams, If you dont own any of this ammo you need to get it cause the price is just going to keep going up and then when its all gone its gone. For now on im buying all my ammo from the armory.
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Good Bang For The Buck 05/17/2012
By Hans B
Armory service 5*, info 5*, order received on schedule 5*. this bulk 7.62x54r Ammo was tested from a friends order, serves the purpose well, one of my cans goes into the survivor back-up together with some packs of newer manufacture and higher gr numbers. The other can is for practice now. Will buy another crate soon, as long as available. Good stuff, excellent service.