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Buy This 7.62x39 122 gr FMJ Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works Ammo for Sale

7.62x39 122 gr FMJ Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works Ammo Case (1000 rds)

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Ulyanovsk 7.62x39 ammo, perfect for your AK's and SKS's. Ulyanovsk 7.62x39 122gr lead core Bi-Metal FMJ, 20 rds per box,2396 FPS.
Bimetal Jacket
polymer coated steel case
Pack of 50 boxes 1000 rds per case

7.62x39 122 gr FMJ Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works Ammo




Muzzle Velocity














Shoot with confidence and Ulyanovsk’s unmatched reliability.  Ulyanovsk pistol ammunition is an excellent choice for high volume target or plate competitions where consistency, accuracy and reliability are needed shot after shot.


Ulyanovsk pistol ammunition is 100% non-corrosive and features a Bimetal jacketed projectile which results in less barrel wear and preserves the life of valuable firearms.


Ulyanovsk Centerfire Ammunition are available in Standard Military FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)


         Superior Reliability: The application of the polymer creates a precision uniform coating around the casing. It produces a bullet with persistent, uncompromising, stable dimensions thus leading to smooth reliable extractions.


         Better Functioning: The superior lubricity improvement eases wear in gun chambers and alleviates excessive operational and maintenance issues associated with rapid firing. The development of this polymer represents a break-through in the field of tribology, and incorporates the most recent chemistry in terms of lubricity improving molecules.


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Average rating:
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1 reviews

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The Shredder 11/26/2012
By Taurus454
This bulk 7.62x39mm ammo was an absolutely great buy and I wish I could get more of it. We tested it on a car from 100 meters and longer with an AK and it shredded the car. We were all surprised by its performance and can understand why it is usually sold out on arrival.