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7.62x54r 148 gr FMJ Russian (20 rds)

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Russia 7.62x54r 148gr FMJ. Affordable 7.62 x54r ammo for your Mosin-Nagants 91/30, m38, m44 and Dragunovs. If you have a Finnish rifle chambered in this round (also called 7.62x53mm or 7.62x53R). Velocity 2785 fps, Energy 2549 ft lbs, Non Reloadable Berdan Primed Steel Case, Made in Russia.

Twenty rounds per package. 22 packages per can (440 rounds) and 44 packages per case (880 rounds). Manufactured in the late 1960's to early 1980's. We will not ship a can opener with just one can, the order must be 2 tins or an 880 round case to receive a can opener.

Can Openers are only included with orders of 2 or more cans. Single cans will NOT include an opener.


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Average rating:
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70 reviews

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Love it 01/26/2011
By Doug
I feel sorry for the UPS chick in my neighborhood - I just got 4 more bulk cases of 7.62x54r on the porch and I think I've ordered 9 in total (mebbe 8, who knows). This is great ammo for my Moseys. The ONLY time I EVER had misfires was with a Chinese Type 53 I bought at a gun show and the firing pin wasn't screwed in to where the marks line up right. I had two misfires, pulled the bolt and adjusted it properly, and haven't had a problem since then (except, maybe, my hearing, damn 53 lol). Seriously, except for a maladjusted firing pin on the Type 53 I have never, not even once, had a problem with this ammo. It literally shoots through trees (we've cut a few down that way) The Armory ships it to me quickly and I've never had any problems with any order. If you have a 7.62x54R and want to buy a bunch of inexpensive ammo then this is the place to get it. I haven't found it cheaper anywhere else and you can't beat the service The only bad thing is it's corrosive so you w
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GREAT AMMO! 01/24/2011
By cbs
i bought the full 880 rounds of this bulk 7.62x54r ammo for my mosin nagant and it shoots very well the shipping was right on time and every thing was exactly as they said it was. my two spam cans came with a can opener and was neatly packed in a really cool wooden box which i plan on keeping. i did a little research and i believe this to be Russian made silver tip from 1970's (not the silver tipped Romanian look alike) and this is one of the cheapest deals you will ever find! i will definitely buy this again ps. accuracy wise im not a marksman but i am still making some amazing shots with this very powerful ammo. i made a few bulls eyes at 75-100 yard shots and i have seen a few bottles fly 30+ feet in the air after getting hit from that range.
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AMAZING DEAL 762X54 04/22/2011
By Kevin M.
Very much appreciate this fantastic deal on the bulk 762x54r ammo,came in balistic steel core bullets some folks call silvertip in which i consider a plus in good hard hitting ammo went out yesterday and fired off 200 rounds and shots were extremely accurate and stayed within 1 to 2 inch groups at 150 yards and every shot i fired went off like good fresh remmington or others producing fine rounds, i only have one problem, my 1940 m-38 carbine left me with a bruised and batterd shoulder and i loved every damn minute of it, i hope the easter bunny can sqeeze another crate in my easter basket sunday, deal sweeter than candy?????? thanks to the armory
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All I can say is WOW. 02/13/2011
By Christopher Wheeler
As a member of "The Survival Podcast" I was turned onto this website by Jack the founder of TSP. I bought this bulk 7.62x54r ammo for my Mosin and all I can say is WOW. The shipment arrived within a few days and as mentioned in earlier reviews those boxes are beefy. Upon seeing them my wife immediately laid claim to one...grrr. That being said the ammo shoots great and I had no problem putting the big piece of lead into the small black dot at 150yds. Thank you Armory of selling such a viable product at an extremely reasonable price. Five stars all the way.
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Best Price/ Best Ammo 07/27/2011
By Chris Singh
I bought 3 cases of this bulk 7.62x54r ammo and I am completly happy with it. Shoots great and comes in a wooden case with 2 sealed spam cans per case for longterm storage. I have looked every where and this is buy far the cheapest price out there. In fact it is cheaper then most places even after shipping !!!! My order arrived after 3 days and the cases were in cardboard boxes. My Mosin Nagant loves this stuff. I will but more and do business with the armory dot comm again !!! Wish they would get the M44 carbines in again !!!! I want like 5 of them at that price.