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Buy This 7.62x54r 182 gr FMJBT PPU Ammo for Sale

7.62x54r 182 gr FMJBT PPU Ammo Case (1200 rds)

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PPU (PRVI Partizan) 7.62x54r 182 gr FMJ BT. Affordable 7.62x54r ammo for your Mosin-Nagants (91/30, m38, m39, m44, svt40, etc.) and Dragunovs. If you have a Finnish rifle chambered in this round also called 7.62x53mm or 7.62x53R. This 7.62 x54r ammo round is topped with a M30 Heavy Bullet Type J 182 grain spitzer boattail and is designated for Long Ranges.

Manufactured by Prvi Partizan, 1990's production.
15 rounds per box, 80 boxes per hermetically sealed case.
Annealed brass case.
Berdan type primer,corrosive.
Lead core bullet.
Copper jacketed bullet.
NO STEEL anywhere.

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