The Armory
Since we're striving to be your favorite, friendly, full-service, local gunshop on the internet, then we have to act like it. What happens at everyone's favorite gunshop (much to the chagrin of some owners!)? People hangout, talk, exchange ideas and occasionally brag. Kinda like your gunshop at home, you're welcome to do the same here. I play gun salesman part-time because I enjoy guns and I have the full-time day job to afford the the part-time night job. The floor is open, so feel free to start a thread...but be warned, don't use the bulletin board as an advertising forum for your porn links, competing gunshops, hate messages, or religious views. The message linking a voyeur site has been deleted, my apologies to anyone who saw it before I got to delete it. For future reference, I do have logs of IP addresses with date and time tags and have no problems posting your IP address to every hack board I know in retaliation for abusing this site--hmm that idea might be effective against spammers too...
Anybody who uses this website forum for commercial purposes for advertising such as Viagra or any sex sites, etc. you are agreeing to pay $100.00 per message.
Any money that is collected will be divided among the website and the people who gave their expert evaluation of your ad. (In other words, you're going to pay for our incovenience and time)

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