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AR-15 Olympic Arms K16 Rifle - 5.56/223

AR-15 Olympic Arms K16 Rifle - 5.56/223

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AR-15 Olympic Arms K16 Rifle - 5.56/223

The K-16 features a 16" button rifled match-grade bull barrel (mean diameter .980" under the handguard), 1x9" twist, an aluminum free-floated handguard and a picatinny gas block. All that attached to a forged picatinny flat-top upper receiver and matched lower receiver, the K16 makes for one accurate little rifle.

Detail Information:

Forged flat top upper with picatinny rails
Gas block front sight with picatinny rails
Free floating aluminum tube handguard with knurling
16” bull barrel, button rifled, 4140 Chromemoly steel
Long-life non-chromed bore
1x9 twist rate
 Crown muzzle
A2 style stock with trapdoor

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Average rating:
average rating 100%
11 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

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K16 rifle SWEET 02/10/2008
By Bert Sloan
Bought one a month ago. Break-in ammo polished the bore and added a Millett tactical scope. Fired 200 rounds of UMC to season the barrel. Then copper solvent and cleaned it. I load 69 grain Sierra HPBT on top of med-hot load of H335 powder in Lapua brass. This rifle shoots sub MOA out to 200 yds easily. 100 yd groups with this match ammo hover around .6" on a rest. Trigger is better than most. Safe and smooth. Needs no other work. Fit and finish is top-notch. My son shoots 5" clay targets on the ground as far as you can see them. 350 yd head shots on coyotes are no problem with the right bi-pod. Great rifle for the price. Bushmaster and mil-spec mags work great. A little tight at first but works in just right. Great rifle for the money. . .highly recommended.
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WOW!!! 01/18/2009
By Bill
I was able to shoot my k16 today for the first time and I was impressed! I heard good and bad about olys. I tried fed gold medal match 63 gr and black hills 55gr blue box and at 100yrds both ammos were under an inch. I moved to 200yrds and I was still under an inch with blk hills and about 3inchs with the federal. I am pleased with this rifle and if you have a chance to buy one, BUY IT! The twist is 1:9 so anything heavier than 55grns is to much for target shooting. I think the others who bad mouthed olys products have never shot one or are just a poor shot. I am going to try 300 and 400 next weekend I'll let you know how I do.
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Excellent Accuracy 09/19/2009
By Jeff
I just received my K16 a couple weeks ago and finally had and opportunity to load up some rounds hit the 100 yard mark. After sighting in I shot 2 groups with the first one coming in at .75" and the second at .65". The trigger was very predictable and No malfunctions at all. This was with a cheap 3X9 BSA scope I had sitting around so I am sure that with a 4X12 with a more fine cross hair, it would be even better. My load was 55gr sp with 26grs of Winchester 748.
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K-16 accuracy out of the box!!! 08/12/2007
By Chris White
This is a great rifle, especially for the money. If you spend the time to find the weight, and type of ammo it likes you'll be rewarded with laughably easy 1 hole groups. My particular rifle went from shooting 1 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards with cheap 55 gr. target ammo to shooting Consistent 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards using Hornady 55gr. V-max Moly coated rounds. Out of five 5 shot groups all had a c-t-c of .250-.235!!!!
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K16 rifle 11/06/2006
By Bob Hill
I bought this weapon for the bull barrel, accuracy, and price. I mounted a Simmons 6.5x20 scope and went to the range. Followed the barrel break-in procedures recommended by Olympic Arms and was indeed amazed by the accuracy of this weapon. I can shoot 1/2"-1" groups at 100 yds all day long! (probably capable of smaller but that's as good as I can hold) Overall fit and finish were very good. I am not dissapointed!