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C Products DuraMag AR-15 Magazine | 7.62x39 | 30rds | Stainless Steel

C Products DuraMag AR-15 Magazine | 7.62x39 | 30rds | Stainless Steel

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Need a 7.62x39 AR magazine that performs flawlessly? DURAMAG's engineers have made crucial discoveries and technological advancements that solved the challenge of reliable feeding of Soviet cartridges in AR platforms. Make the switch to DURAMAG and shoot worry free with every pull of the trigger.

The 7.62x39 DURAMAG SS magazines are the ultimate choice for running this caliber in any AR-15 style firearm. Feeding tapered cases like the 7.62x39mm into the straight magazine well of the AR platform has never been easy. Until DURAMAG, many thought the combination was simply not possible to produce reliably. Thanks to extensive quality control built into their designs, every magazine is sure to run flawlessly. With DURAMAG SS, now you can finally enjoy the close-in power of 7.62x39mm reliably in your AR platform.

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Average rating:
average rating 97%
41 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 80%
C Mags 03/03/2017
By Doug Baker
I was a little skeptical about some reviews I have seen of this mag, but I took it straight to the range and ran two full mags through my AR 47 and other than one light primer strike (tulammo of course) they worked perfectly.
When I am ready to buy more mags for that gun I will definitely buy C mags. Only issue is they fit a little tight, but I am using a polymer lower. The Armory Service and ordering as fast and easy. I do wish the shipping was a little cheaper though.
average rating 100%
C-Magazines 02/25/2016
By Ron
Bought these for a buddy of mine that just did a 7.62x39 build on an AR-15 platform. He started out using Stoner clip with FTF & FTE problems. Looked around Net and seems Majority says that these work well for that build. Buddy says No Problem so far. The Armory was the 1st to show that they had them In Stock (being discontinued along with Magpul). Clicked the Add To Cart and received about 4 days later.
average rating 100%
Duramag 7.62 09/24/2020
By Michael Stetts
I did a lot of research on magazines for AR 15’s, chambered in 7.62, and they all say these are best. Have not ran any rounds through them but the ammo loads smoothly and can’t wait to get out and fire some rounds through them. Shipping was extremely fast. Thank you! I’ll be ordering more products from you guys in the future.
average rating 100%
7.62x39 AR magazine 05/27/2020
By Nathan McEwen
Great product for your AR style rifle! The only brand I have bought that functions properly for any non 5.56 ammo Like 7.62x51 and 7.62x39! Have purchased other brands prior to this to only have feed an failure issues. Don’t waste your money on other mags get the c products magazine; zero issues.
average rating 100%
Work perfect 11/13/2017
By Dan Prewett
Put 250 rounds threw 2 of these magazines and had ZERO problems. Wife got me an at 7.62x25 upper for my birthday and could not be more pleased with these Magazines. Can not say anything comparing to other brands but guess what? I never will as I will only own these. Just buy them.