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9mm Luger (9x19mm) 115gr +P JHP Corbon Ammo Box (20 rds)

9mm Luger (9x19mm) 115gr +P JHP Corbon Ammo Box (20 rds)

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The CorBon 9mm 115gr +P JHP ammunition is specifically designed for high-performance self-defense purposes. CorBon is a reputable brand known for its commitment to producing top-quality ammunition that offers exceptional stopping power.

This ammunition is specifically engineered for the 9mm Luger cartridge, one of the most popular calibers for self-defense handguns. Each round is loaded with a 115-grain jacketed hollow point (JHP) bullet that is optimized for controlled expansion and reliable terminal performance. The +P designation indicates that the ammunition operates at higher pressure levels, resulting in increased velocity and energy. The brass casing is of premium quality, ensuring reliable feeding and extraction. The 20-round box offers convenient storage and easy transportation.

The 9mm Luger cartridge is widely recognized for its effectiveness in self-defense scenarios, and the CorBon 9mm 115gr +P JHP ammo enhances this reputation with its high-performance bullet design and increased pressure. With CorBon's reputation for quality and performance, you can trust that this ammunition delivers reliable expansion and stopping power when it matters most.

If you prioritize high-performance ammunition for self-defense with your 9mm handgun, the CorBon 9mm 115gr +P JHP Ammo - 20 Round Box is an excellent choice. With its controlled expansion, increased velocity, and reliable performance, it provides the confidence and stopping power you need to protect yourself and your loved ones in critical situations.

Product 9mm Luger (9x19mm) 115gr +P JHP Corbon Ammo
Caliber 9mm Luger | 9x19mm
Projectile Weight 115gr +P | 115 Grains +P
Projectile Jacket JHP | Jacketed Hollow Point
Case Type Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Velocity 1350 FPS
Energy 466 ft-lbs
UPC 757750355064
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Average rating:
average rating 85%
11 reviews

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average rating 100%
Best Defense Ammo 06/27/2018
By Thomas Giambra Jr.
Very good ammo at a great price. Was not able to find near me, they had it in stock. Thanks.... T.G.
average rating 80%
1st time 12/24/2020
By Bryan Willcoxson
First time buying ammo on line. Very happy with the way it went
average rating 60%
Being Honest 04/16/2009
By Snake Man
It's my opinion that Terry W's review is slightly exagerated. Bulk 9MM luger Hollow point ammo can't be used by the US military, in any branch. A Nato Mil-spec. round (FMJ) must be used. The US. Army doesn't issue troops hollow point ammo, nor allows hollow point ammo to be used by US. troops. On another note, there's no misconseption, bigger does have more energy. Would you rather get hit with a bicycle or a car doing 30 mph.? A .50 cal. BMG round, even if it were a hollow point, would pass completely through a human body too fast to expand. It would still kill but you have to understand it left a 1/2 inch hole in the body it passed through. A .22 LR. doesn't have the energy a 9MM has, a 9MM doesn't have the energy a .44 Rem. Mag. has and so on. Stop playing with ballistic jell and check out real dead bodies shot by different cal. ammo. Example: I've seen bodies shot with .38 Spl. rounds and .357 Mag. rounds. Both rounds were hollow points and of the same weight (Everyone knows the .
average rating 100%
Terry 10/22/2008
By Terry M.
After spending Five years in the U.S. Army I learned that shooting someone and stopping them is a different story. I had couple boxes of these sent to me in Iraq and it made a world of difference. As Infantry I am one of the few unfortunate people who get to put a bullet to the test in a real world situation. These matched with my custom CZ75 SP-01 make for the perfect close quarter weapon. Not one round has ever been fired back my way after someone took a hit by one of these. Take it from me don't risk your life with inferior ammo, it's just not worth it.
average rating 60%
I agree with Being Honest 11/15/2009
By Al Something
Corbon has always been incredible 9mm luger ammo and the DPX has exceeded what they had but Terry never experienced shooting anyone with it in Iraq. Regular Army doesn't get to carry special ammo and most surely he didn't have a custom weapon to bang doors with. Sorry to bust your bubble there Terry but leave the Warrior stories to the real Warriors. The double and triple Tab wearers are those. I am a Security contractor working in Iraq.