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 Caracal Enhanced F | 9mm | 3 Dot Sights
 Caracal Enhanced F | 9mm | 3 Dot Sights
 Caracal Enhanced F | 9mm | 3 Dot Sights 1
 Caracal Enhanced F | 9mm | 3 Dot Sights 2

Caracal Enhanced F | 9mm | 3 Dot Sights

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Caracal Enhanced F | 9mm | 3 Dot Sights

Experience the pinnacle of performance and precision with the Caracal Enhanced F 9mm pistol featuring 3 Dot Sights. This firearm is a testament to Caracal's commitment to innovation, ergonomics, and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Chambered in 9mm for versatility and manageable recoil
  • 3 Dot Sights for rapid target acquisition and accuracy
  • Exceptional build quality and attention to detail

The Caracal Enhanced F is engineered to provide shooters with a superior experience. Its 9mm chambering strikes a balance between firepower and controllability, making it an ideal choice for both experienced marksmen and those new to the shooting sports.

The 3 Dot Sights offer a clear and intuitive sight picture, ensuring you can acquire your target quickly and maintain accuracy even in challenging conditions. Whether you're at the range for practice or relying on it for self-defense, these sights enhance your shooting capabilities.

Caracal's dedication to craftsmanship and quality is evident in every detail of the Enhanced F. From the ergonomically designed grip to the crisp trigger pull, this pistol delivers consistent performance shot after shot.

Whether you're a seasoned shooter looking for a reliable sidearm or a first-time gun owner seeking a user-friendly and dependable firearm, the Caracal Enhanced F in 9mm with 3 Dot Sights is an excellent choice. It combines innovation, accuracy, and a commitment to safety in a package that's ready to meet your shooting needs.

Elevate your shooting experience with the Caracal Enhanced F. Discover why Caracal is a trusted name in the firearms industry and experience the difference for yourself.

For shooters who demand the best, choose the Caracal Enhanced F in 9mm with 3 Dot Sights and redefine your expectations of what a pistol can offer.

Specifications Firearm Specifications
Specification Value
Caliber 9 x 19mm Parabellum
Sights Standard 3 Dot Sights
Slide Length 7 (178mm)
Barrel Length 4.1 (105.4mm)
Height 5-5/16 (135mm)
Width 1-3/32 (28mm)
Weight 1 lbs. 12oz. (790g)
Magazine Capacity 18 rounds
Grip Frame Polymer
Trigger System Short Double Action
Trigger Pull (constant) 5 lbs. 5oz. (2.2kg)
Trigger Travel (constant) 5/16 (8mm)
Internal Safety (drop and firing pin) 2
Cocking Indicator 1
Magazine Catch Ambidextrous
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