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American Cowboy Ammo 45 Special | 45 SPL

American Cowboy Ammo 45 Special | 45 SPL Box (50rds)

American Cowboy Ammo 45 Special | 45 SPL Box (50rds)
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American Cowboy Ammo is pleased to introduce the New ACA .45 Special. This new load has a very low recoil and a reloadable brass case.

50 Round Box

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American Cowboy Ammo 45 Special | 45 SPL Box (50rds)
Average rating:
1 reviews

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American Cowboy Ammo 45 Special | 45 SPL Box (50rds)
found some bullets
After I spoke on the phone with "Carlos", I'm making up some estate/service loads for hunting. I've found a source for some hollow based slugs made expressly for the 455 Webley.

Now I will shoot up that first box, reload with the two weights of Webley bullets and see if both of them will stabilize in my really slow twist Cap and Ball converter replica revolver.
I'll get back in a week or so. If you do make virgin brass available, shoot me an e-mail. Its got to be cheaper than shooting up loaded ammo, just for some cases.

Fiocchi never put any crimp into their 455 Webley ammo, and it burns very dirty, according to a YouTube video clip. It's nowhere near the published 850 fps, either, over his chrono. These hollow based bullets are only good for testing, as I doubt that they will have crimp grooves. They will go through my revolver at .451", even if I have to size and lube them myself. It looks like your 45 c Special cases will equal the 455 Webley loads.
Thanx, Dave K.