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This page is dedicated to the myriad of cool links, websites, web rings, and pages that I have visited and and I personally believe are worth taking the time to see and view. The content may be political in nature or just informational, but I believe they contain information every gun enthusiast, hunter, or outdoorsman should know or be aware of. I would like to place them on the front page of our shop site, but to keep the site friendly for non-broadband users (me included while I'm trapped Rhode Island until October!) and minimize the amount of images on the front page, I set up this page.

If you have a site you'd like to see listed up here, please e-mail me: Email Generally, I will avoid sites for political parties and religious organizations (I will leave you guessing as to what everyone at the shop is). You can e-mail and ask if you're really bored. We'll just leave it that I spend my weekends sacrificing paper, lead and the occasional ceramic object or fruit. I also will not list the sites of known enemies of the freedom-loving, civilized world. I know the concept of know thy enemy, but having links to their pages increases their popularity in many search engines and I wouldn't want to do that! Obviously, since this is a commercial site, I am not going to put up something that might be a conflict of interest.


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The Firearm Web Ring
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Shooters Web Ring
by Gun &

Contact the Shooters Web Ring
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This In The Treestand Web Ring
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!tzalist - HUNTING RING
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E-mail the Governor of North Carolina
E-mail the Governor of Virginia


ILA's list of non-NRA Organizations
PACKING.ORG: The most comprehensive database of concealed carry information!


Ted Nugent United Sportsmen Of America



TIN CAN SAILORS: for those who have sailed the small escort ships of the Fleet.
THE GOAT LOCKER: for Chief Petty Officers and those concerned with traditions of of the US Navy and Coast Guard. for US Navy Surface Warfare Officers--the unofficial "SWONET".


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