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12 GA Mini-Buckshot Aguila Box (20 rds)

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1 3/4" Mini 12-ga shotgun shells. Minibuck shot loads with 7 pellets of 4Buck and 4 pellets of 1Buck at 1200 fps. Low-recoil and a great choice for home defense. Works well in Winchester 1300 and FN shotguns. Remingtons and Charles Dalys may require some modification. Mossbergs require some elevator modification. I have had some success with this load in a Benelli Nova.
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Average rating:
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3 reviews

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Ouch! 02/19/2010
By Terrible Dave
I had to give this tiny shell a good rating for what it is. I didn't expect much from such a shorty and used an NEF Pardner lightweight 12ga SB1 28" barrel modified to see what they would do.The kick is reduced, but isn't exactly a memory in a gun this light; would no doubt be much less in one of my heavier shotguns. At 15 yards, it left a 9" group and went where I told it to. But the surprise at least for me, was after exiting a cardboard box target full of bubble wrap, the shots traveled another 10 yards into some 2X treated lumber stacked by the barn and left 1/4-1/2" holes depending on whether it was the #4 or #1 shot from the mix. While that probably wouldn't blow a bad guy over, it would still hurt like 'schifezza' and get some reasonable attention... I'm somewhat impressed with these little dynamos and will be buying more.
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great 09/14/2009
By tom mcdonald
I have used this ammo in a stoeger 12 coach gun, ( side by side double) good stuff for home defense. DON'T let its small size lead you to believe the recoil is less than a standard 12 ga 2 3/4 in shell. This round kicks as hard as any 12 ga round..
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aguila mini 10/14/2011
put this in my 870, 18"bbl, extended mag, (holds 11), and pumped them out as fast as i could, light recoil, and no malfunction, also tore the heck out of a stack of phone books