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9mm (9x19mm) NATO 124gr FMJ PPU Ammo Box (50 rds)

9mm NATO 124gr FMJ PPU Ammo Box (50 rds)

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9mm (9x19mm) NATO 124gr FMJ PPU Ammo. Prvi Partizan 9mm NATO ammo. 124 Grains. Full Metal Jacket.

Product 9mm (9x19mm) NATO 124gr FMJ PPU Ammo
Caliber 9mm NATO | 9x19mm NATO
Projectile Weight 124gr | 124 Grains
Projectile Jacket FMJ | Full Metal Jacket
Case Type Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Velocity 1263 FPS
Energy 439 ft-lbs
UPC 8605003807353
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Average rating:
average rating 100%
9 reviews

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Best NATO Ammo 07/07/2018
By Richard S.
Have nothing but awesome things to say about this ammo. Costs just about the same as your regular training ammo. I’ve bought Magtech and S&Bs for the excavation same price. With the added benefits being NATO spec and cost efficienct. Hottest round I’ve used besides my Hornady Critical ammo. Burns very clean and very reliable, no malfunctions with 500 Rounds so far. Burns so clean that it makes it seem like I didn’t even go to the range. Can’t say the same about Winchester NATO. Burns very clean, reliable, cost efficient, and just a great all around. Will be back for more.
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surprisingly high quality 01/01/2018
By tracy perman
I'm not a big PPU ammo fan, but I have to admit that these rounds are high quality: perfect brass, fully sealed primers and necks *the NATO designation looks to be legit*. They snap with the kind of pop I normally only get from + or +P ammo and ALL the rounds have the same sound. Yes, I actually do have calibrated ears and can always hear when the difference in various powder loads.

There also was no notable smoke and residue, unlike a lot of reloads I've used. Very impressed, just wish they had some "NATO" HST or Gold Dots for a good price from them.
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Great ammo 09/11/2018
By James Thomas
Gteat ammo, its got a punch to it but is perfect for my glock 17 and canik tp9 sfx, the eurpean guns are made for this ammo. Great service buy the Armory fast delivery. Great customer service
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GREAT AMMO 02/22/2018
By Robert Firestone
I purchased this ammo to break in the wife's new Pistol it feed and shot outstanding the price was the best selling point. I highly recommend this AMMO and the ARMORY
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Great ammo 10/08/2018
By James Thomas
Great ammo, true nato specs. Got very clean for a nato ammo