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45 ACP (45 Auto) 165gr Hydra-Shok JHP Federal Personal Defense Ammo Box (20 rds)

45 ACP (45 Auto) 165gr Hydra-Shok JHP Federal Personal Defense Ammo Box (20 rds)

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45 ACP (45 Auto) Federal Personal Defense PD45HS3 load with a 165gr Hydra-Shok bullet. Personal defense situations aren’t planned. They happen without warning and are decided in a matter of seconds. Federal Premium handgun loads are the best around. Chamber these rounds and know you’ll be ready if the moment comes.

Proven since its introduction in 1989, Hydra-Shok remains one of the most popular choices among self-defense experts. Federal Premium uses stringent manufacturing processes and rigorous testing to ensure Hydra-Shok loads perform accurately and consistently. Low Recoil offerings provide similar performance while significantly reducing muzzle rise, improving accuracy and target acquisition.

Detail Information:

Significantly reduces recoil
Superb accuracy and overall ballistic performance
Hydra-Shok bullet's notched copper jacket initiates and controls expansion
Center-post hollow-point design provides reliable expansion

Product 45 ACP (45 Auto) 165gr Hydra-Shok JHP Federal Personal Defense Ammo
Caliber 45 ACP | 45 Auto
Projectile Weight 165gr | 165 Grains
Projectile Jacket JHP | Jacketed Hollow Point
Case Type Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Velocity 1060 FPS
Energy 412 ft-lbs
UPC 029465091514
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Average rating:
average rating 100%
4 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

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Easy Knock Down 04/07/2006
By Bruce
Best ammo for personal defence. The bullet actually has more energy at less than about 30 feet than the 230gr. Typically that's within what I would consider the "self defense" knock down range. A pleasure to shoot, due to the high quality Federal powder/primer/bullet combo. Very much less recoil than the 230gr version, so very easy to quickly line up your next shot. So unless you are an enforcement officer, my opinion is this is the way to go.
average rating 80%
Test Fired 07/06/2005
By Byron Hatmaker
I took the liberty of forming my own opinion of this 45 auto ammo by stacking a few wet phone books together and taking a shot from about 15 yards. The round showed great expansion, and damage to the target, without the kick that one expects from a 45 acp shot. I reccomend it for any one who whats a round that is easy to handle and quick to get back on target.
average rating 100%
Paramedic 12/17/2007
By Don Price
I am an E.M.T-P that has had to try to take care of a person that has been hit by the 45 ACP 165gr Hydra Shock ammunition. I have seen what it does to a person and that is the reason, I myself would have only that ammunition in my 1911 Springfield A-1 CAL 45 ACP for personal defense. When your life is in your gun and ammunition you and I need only the best.
average rating 100%
Home Defence 01/28/2008
By James T. Hawkins
As a former U.S. Marine, the value of high penetration with maximum expansion was a no brainer for this special round. With the relatively light load of 165gr., you can come back on target quickly, if needed. Hopefully your first shot with this 45 acp ammunition is your last shot with this serious knock down energy.