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400 Corbon 165gr Self-Defense JHP Corbon Ammo Box (20 rds)

400 Corbon 165gr Self-Defense JHP Corbon Ammo Box (20 rds)

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Corbon JHP is the original “HOT STUFF”! Back in 1982, Corbon's testing showed that most JHP (Jacked Hollow Point) ammunition would plug up with clothing and fail to expand in soft tissue. The typical JHP was passing through like hardball ammo causing little damage. For this reason, the original Corbon JHP was designed with higher velocity than their competitors. Independent studies have shown that the rapid energy transfer from the bullets violent and immediate expansion in ballistic gelatin has given Corbon's JHP a one-shot stopping power percentage of over 90%! The rapid expansion reduces projectile over penetration. Corbon's JHP typically achieves 9”-15” of penetration. Corbon’s line of high velocity JHP ammunition is still PROVEN to be effective and remains #1 in STOPPING POWER!

Product 400 Corbon 165gr Self-Defense JHP Ammo
Caliber 400
Projectile Weight 165gr | 165 Grains
Projectile Jacket JHP | Jacketed Hollow Point
Case Type Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Velocity 1300 FPS
Energy 619 ft-lbs
UPC 757750400207
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Average rating:
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2 reviews

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Best thing this side of 44 mag 10/13/2018
By OldGringo
I put a 400 Corbon barrel in a base model 1911 about 10 years ago. Only the barrel, spring and shock buff were added. These 165 grain bullets chrono, 1,361 out of my 5 inch barrel, about 650 fps. I cannot duplicate this load by reloading as pressure gets way too high, so for carry in bear country this is my load. Hard to find them now so I hoard the two boxes I have left. I have 3 44 mags and also shoot Ruger only 45 Colt Plus P loads in the bigger Rugers. Problem is they weigh 55 ounces and a 1911 only weighs about 39 ounces. FYI
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400 Corbon rounds 10/22/2019
By Gary Arnold
I haven't tried them yet, but I'm sure that I won't be disappointed