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40 S&W 60gr LA-CD Liberty Ammo Box (20rds)

40 S&W 60gr LA-CD Liberty Ammo Box (20rds)
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40 S&W 60gr LA-CD Liberty Ammo Box (20rds)

Liberty Ammunition’s 40 S&W Lead Free Ammunition is a lead free round, ideal for personal defense and law enforcement. Liberty Ammunition uses an aggressive hollow point bullet of lower mass, but dramatically increases bullet velocity resulting in very aggressive fragmentation with a high kinetic energy component. Reducing the bullet, mass and increasing velocity also has the added benefit of keeping chamber pressures manageable.

Liberty’ hollow-point fragmenting Civil Defense rounds also provide three times the terminal effects of traditional ammo in comparable calibers. Due to the patented, proprietary make-up of the Civil Defense rounds and the lead-free component, Civil Defense ammo is lighter in weight. For example, a law officer carrying three fully loaded magazines on his belt will notice a significant weight reduction of up to a pound

| 40S&W 60gr | 2000fps | Copper Monolithic Hollow-Point Fragmenting Projectile | Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense |

Watch the video below to see how effective Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense is:


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40 S&W 60gr LA-CD Liberty Ammo Box (20rds)
Average rating:
1 reviews

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40 S&W 60gr LA-CD Liberty Ammo Box (20rds)
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