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30-06 Springfield (M1 Garand) 150gr FMJ PPU Ammo Can (500 rds)
30-06 Springfield (M1 Garand) 150gr FMJ PPU Ammo Can (500 rds)
30-06 Springfield (M1 Garand) 150gr FMJ PPU Ammo

30-06 Springfield (M1 Garand) 150gr FMJ PPU Ammo Can (500 rds)

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25 Boxes of 30-06 Springfield 150gr FMJ for the M1 Garand packed in an used 50 cal ammo can. 

PPU (Prvi Partizan) is one of the oldest, largest and most versatile ammunition manufacturers in Europe. Their factory is located in the city of Uzice in southwestern Serbia. They have been manufacturing ammunition since 1928 and currently supply ammunition to the armed forces and police of Serbia as well as many other countries. In addition to that, PPU also produces sporting and hunting ammunition.

The quality of PPU's products is always their top priority and to that end, they utilize only the most modern equipment and machinery. Through years of research and innovation, PPU has managed to develop a wide assortment of ammunition, which will suit the needs of the most particular users. Thanks to rigorous quality control and precise workmanship, they deliver highly reliable ammunition with high performance characteristics.

Product 30-06 Springfield (M1 Garand) 150gr FMJ PPU Ammo
Caliber 30-06 Springfield for M1 Garand
Projectile Weight 150gr | 150 Grains
Projectile Jacket FMJ | Full Metal Jacket
Case Type Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Velocity 2745 FPS
Energy 2500 ft-lbs
UPC 8605003812494
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Average rating:
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11 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

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M1 Garand - upper '44 / '54 IHC Barrel 03/18/2018
By Stephen Fritz
Took my SA M1 Garand to the range yesterday. Went through 128 rounds of PPU. No issues aside from the en Bloc clips I had loaded unevenly. No issues with the ammo and shot flawlessly. The Armory gave me the best deal I could find on this ammo. 35lb box with a nice ammo box I now can use to store items for range day. I had placed an order with the wrong card but received a call from one of the employees for verification. Great customer service all around. Thanks Doc!
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Good ammo 03/15/2018
By Matthew Oldham
I have not used this particular lot of ammo, but have used this ammo in my M1 rifle matches. It runs well in my Garand and I get very good accuracy out of my rifle using it.
You won't find M1 rifle food any cheaper.
Boxer primed brass is good for reloading too.

Had never shopped at The Armory before...the experience was hassle free and shipped in a timely manner, would definitely shop here again.
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PPU M1 ammo 04/12/2018
By James Norment
Ammo arrived quickly and was just as described. This worked perfectly in my M1 as well as my 1903 Springfield. With surplus getting harder to find this was a pleasant surprise.
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30-06 Springfield 04/09/2018
By Jeff McGowan
M1 Garand performed flawlessly with this ammo. No malfunctions or misfeeds. I would recommend this ammo for any Garand shooter and will be purchasing more from the Armory.
average rating 100%
A1 for the M1 07/12/2021
By Jeffrey Conroy
Great experience!! Unbelievably quick order processing and delivery. Below are a couple of bullet statements:

* 30.06
* 30.06
* 30.06