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22LR 36gr High Velocity HP Armscor Ammo Brick (500 rds)

22LR 36gr High Velocity HP Armscor Ammo Brick (500 rds)

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Armscor 22LR is high quality affordable 22 ammo that will give you reliable cheap fun. 36gr High Velocity loads will ensure an accurate, powerful shot whether it be for target or small game hunting. The hollow point bullet will increase the impact strength for reliable small game take down power.

Product 22LR 36gr High Velocity Hollow Point Armscor Ammo
Caliber 22LR | 22 Long Rifle
Projectile Weight 36gr | 36 Grains
Projectile Jacket HVHP | High Velocity Hollow Point
Case Type Brass
Primer Type Rimfire
Reloadable No
Velocity 1260 FPS
Energy 127 ft-lbs
UPC 4806015500155
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Average rating:
average rating 96%
51 reviews

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Armscor 22lr 36gr Hp 03/02/2016
By Ronald Burghardt
The Armory is a Great Place to do business with. Straightened out a credit card issue over the phone. A hassle free transaction. Thank You
First time buyer of Armscor ammo. There are bad rewiews out there but not from me. I brought a new Walther ppk/s 22lr. Didn't know that type of ammo would cycle through it as there are reviews about the ppk/s being finicky with certain ammo. BUT Not with Armscor 36 gr High Velocity HP. Shot about 300 rounds of the 500 with no FTF and only 2 FTE which happened at the very beginning of breaking in the new pistol. I cleaned and oiled the pistol to my liking because I was shooting it right out of the box and never have another problem with FTE. Thinking that it will even get better as I finish off these 500 rounds. I will be buying another brick from the Armory as soon as they have another sale on it. Great ammo for this pistol. Very satisfied with Armscor 22lr HP ammo....
average rating 100%
NOT one jam 03/09/2017
By Frank Ott
I got this to shoot in My Ruger 10/22, I was not sure if they will jam or not. The last box of 22LR rounds I had I cant tell you the brand but they jamed in my new 25 round mags. I had to pry every round up and pull out of the mags. I was thinking it was the hollow points but to my suprise these rounds worked every time no problem. I used them in a Ruger BX25 II mag, the stock 10 mag and 25 round Pmags. Over 200 rounds so far not one jam. Would Recommend these to a friend.
average rating 100%
excellent .22lr 12/29/2015
By wb2001
Best price this year. An excellent .22lr that feeds thru my Ruger 10-22T, Ruger 10-22 Charger, Marlin 7000, and both my Colt .22lr M4's by Walther.
Have a vintage 1960's HR939 that has extraction issue with this ammo after it's fired. Believe it's the velocity of this new ammo. A box of circa 2005/6 Remington will extract, but has weak primers. Will only fire usually 7/8 of 9.
average rating 100%
Armscor 22LR HV 05/11/2020
By GeoF
They shipped these out quickly. I have a Browning Buckmark and so far I shot 100 rounds of the browning performance and 100 rounds of the Armscor. both performed the same to me. No FTF or FTE. Clean shooting. I cleaned my Buckmark after getting home from the range and not much. Works good.
average rating 100%
22 Ammo 02/14/2016
By Doug Hulce
The service is very expedient and the prices were better with the shipping was better than local. I don't recall how many trips I made to find bare shelves. They sent me an e-mail when they were available. I placed my order and a week later I was shooting. Great service!