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223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55gr FMJ Wolf WPA MC Ammo Case (1000 rds)

223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55gr FMJ Wolf WPA MC Ammo Case (1000 rds)

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average rating 97%
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Consistent loads with precision-made WPA Military Classic bullets provides tight-grouping accuracy at higher velocities. This Wolf Performance Ammo WPA 55-grain full metal jacket ammo is ideal for target shooting or plinking.


Product 223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55gr FMJ Wolf MC Ammo
Caliber 223 Remington | 5.56x45mm
Projectile Weight 55gr | 55 Grains
Projectile Jacket FMJ | Full Metal Jacket
Case Type Polymer Coated Steel
Primer Type Berdan
Velocity 3241 FPS
Energy 1283 ft-lbs
UPC 645611300783
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Average rating:
average rating 97%
9 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
100% fires 09/04/2017
By Spenser Nicholson
I was skeptical at first from other people's negative testimony, but after shooting 600+ rounds with zero malfunctions or misfires, I'm reassured of the quality.
Fired from a Ruger AR556. I even fired a majority of the rounds with a JP reduced power spring kit, and still keeps running.
Will be buying more soon.
average rating 100%
Ammo 11/11/2017
I ordered 223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55 gr FMJ Wolf WPA MC Case (1000 rds) online, There was a transaction issue but they managed to correct it. Receive the ammo after the correction with in a few days. Price was right. I will purchase from them again.
average rating 100%
Wolf 223. 03/29/2018
By Anthony Baker
So far i have shot 250 of tbe 1000 rounds i purchased and i have not had any problems. It shoots just as good as any other production steel round or brass round in the same weight class. Ill be ordering more soon tbank you.
average rating 100%
Great Deal for Great Ammo 11/01/2017
By Doug Ruedisueli
I have seen many people complain about cheap Russian ammo, but it runs great through all my guns. You can’t beat the price and it is very reliable. The only downside is that it runs a little dirty.
average rating 80%
great value 223 10/30/2017
By Kevin Ferraro
I just built an AR pistol. Went to the range and shot 100 rounds, no problems at all. It's steel case and comes in boxes of 20 wrapped up in paper. Seems like a good price for range ammo.