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12 GA Mini-Slug Aguila Box (20 rds)

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1 3/4" Minislug 12-ga shotgun shells. 7/8-oz (386-gr) slugs at 1250 fps. Low-recoil, a great choice for home defense. Aguila mini-slugs work well in Winchester 1300 and FN shotguns. Remingtons and Charles Dalys may require some elevator modification. Mossbergs require some elevator modification. I have had some success with this load in a Benelli Nova. For further information: Aguila Ammunition Minishells.

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Average rating:
average rating 80%
3 reviews

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12 GA Mini-Slug 01/13/2011
By Kevin Shay
Tried these in a double barrel coach gun used for cowboy action shooting. Found virtually "NO" recoil and surprising accuracy. My wife, who doesn't like guns and usually won't shoot them, was able to handle shooting these rounds with no difficulty. Therefore, the double barrel can be used for home defense by my wife and although limited to two rounds I know if some one is stupid enough to come through the bedroom door, she can protect herself.
average rating 60%
Richardg 02/25/2008
By Richard Goins
So far these function very well in both my 870 wingmaster and my Browning BPS high cap. Will check in later with accuracy report
average rating 80%
kick ass for the range 02/02/2013
For the price and the ability to use them at my range is awesome. Not for home defense . FOR THE RANGE.