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10mm 135gr Pow'R Ball Corbon Ammo Box (20 rds)

10mm 135gr Pow'R Ball Corbon Ammo Box (20 rds)

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Innovative JHP bullet with a polymer ball in the cavity. The ball allows smooth feeding and chambering in all guns while preventing the cavity from clogging with material to ensure expansion. Recovered bullets have 80%+ weight retention. 10mm 135gr 1400 FPS & 588 FT-LBS POW'RBALL ammunition.

Glaser has expanded their line of premium high velocity ammunition to include the Pow'RBall bullet design. Pow'RBall is a breakthrough concept designed and developed by renowned bullet maker Peter R. Pi, Sr. This bullet design is so unique it now carries a U.S. Patent. 100% Bullet Weight Retention. The Pow'RBall is a controlled expansion bullet capped with a polymer ball giving it a "full metal jacket" or rounded ball is smooth and slick. It will not hang up or snag as it guides the cartridge effortlessly into the chamber. The jacketed bullet's lead core is shaped into a specially designed cavity that promotes deep penetration and high weight retention. All of this aid in energy transfers that produces stopping power. Pow'RBall will not get plugged by heavy clothing. This ammunition will give you confidence and peace of mind knowing you can count on it in a critical situation.

Product 10mm 135gr Pow'R Ball Corbon Ammo
Caliber 10mm
Projectile Weight 135gr | 135 Grains
Projectile Jacket Pow'R Ball
Velocity 1400 FPS
Energy 588 ft-lbs
UPC 757750400726
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