Glock G26 9mm Sub-Compact

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More Details - Glock G26 9mm Sub-Compact

Glock G26






Safe Action System

Length (slide)

6.29 in.

Height 2)

4.17 in.


1.18 in.

Length between sights 3)

5.67 in.

Barrel length

3.46 in.

Barrel rifling

right, hexagonal

Length of twist

9.84 in.

Magazine capacity 4)

10 / 12

Mass (weight)


Empty without magazine

19.75 oz.

Empty magazine

1.98 oz.

Full magazine 5)

~6.35 oz.

Trigger pull (standard)

~5.5   lbs.

Trigger travel for discharge 6)

0.5   in.

Number of safeties



1) C: Compensated
2) Includes magazine and sight
3) With sight rear 6.5

4) Check local law and regulations.
5) Depending on the used ammunition
6) Includes
trigger safety

GLOCK "Safe Action" Trigger System

The GLOCK "Safe Action" trigger system offers a lot of advantages compared to the above mentioned systems:

  • The moderate trigger pull weight is constant from the first round up to the last round.
  • The adequate trigger travel for discharge is constant.

Three (3) automatic independently operating mechanical safeties are sequentially disengaged when pulling the trigger and are engaged when releasing the trigger

  • No external safeties
  • No hammers (which need to be cocked)
  • The GLOCK pistol is safe but still ready to fire

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