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7.62x39 124 gr FMJ Yugo M67 Ammo Case (1120 rds)

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More Details - 7.62x39 124 gr FMJ Yugo M67 Ammo Case (1120 rds)

7.62x39 124 gr FMJ Yugo Ammo Case (1120 rds)


In the 1960s the Yugoslavia government started experimenting with a new bullet design to produce a bullet that was superior to the Russian M43. The result of this testing was the M67 projectile which has greater wounding profile, speed, and accuracy when compared to the old Soviet M43 projectile. 

Yugoslavia  (Igman arsenal) 7.62 x39 122 gr FMJ.  Affordable 7.62 x39 ammo for your SKS, AK, AKM, AKS etc. This 7.62 x39 was produced in the Igman plant in Yugoslavia .  It has a M67 FMJ projectile, Brass Case, is Berdan Primed and it is topped with a Copper jacketed bullet. Each box comes with four (4) stripper clips designed for the SKS rifle.

·       Manufactured by Yugoslavia (Igman arsenal) .

·       40 rounds per box on SKS stripper clips (1120 rds per) hermetically sealed case.

·       Annealed brass case.

·       Lead core bullet.

·       Copper jacketed bullet.

·      NO STEEL anywhere.



Ballistic Data

Cal. 7.62
with bullet

V 25

P max






<=15 cm at 300 m




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