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7.62x54r 148 gr FMJ Russian 440 rd can

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Russia 7.62 x54r 148gr FMJ. Affordable 7.62x54r ammo for your Mosin-Nagants 91/30, m38, m44 and Dragunovs. If you have a Finnish rifle chambered in this round (also called 7.62x53mm or 7.62x53R). Velocity 2785 fps, Energy 2549 ft lbs, Non Reloadable Berdan Primed Steel Case, Made in Russia
Twenty rounds per package. 22 packages per can (440 rounds) and 44 packages per case (880 rounds). Manufactured in the late 1960's to early 1980's. We will not ship a can opener with just one can, the order must be 2 tins or an 880 round case to receive a can opener.

Can Openers are only included with orders of 2 or more cans. Single cans will NOT include an opener.


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