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7.62x38 Nagant Ammo for Sale

Also known as the 7.62x38mmR, the 7.62mm Nagant was designed by Fedor Tokarev. This round chambers in the Russian Nagant M1895 revolver. Although not used by the Soviets, the advantage of the Nagant round is that it leaves the chambers cleans, leaving no need to remove lead and residue.


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    7.62 Nagant (7.62x38R) 98 gr PPU Ammo Box (50rds)
    7.62 Nagant (7.62x38R) 98 gr PPU Ammo Box (50rds)
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    This ammo is Prvi Partizan 7.62 Nagant (7.62x38R) 98 gr FPJ (Flat Point Jacketed). This is lead core copper jacketed non-corrosive copper brassed ammunition. Unlike surplus ammo this ammo is NOT CORROSIVE so you do not have to worry about ruining your historic Nagant Revolver. The Nagant Revolver is truely a unqiue revolver and keep it in good shape by feeding it only newly manufactured ammo.

    |7.62 Nagant Ammo | NON CORROSIVE | 98gr FPJ |


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