Questions, Concerns, and Other Discussion.

Hello Loyal Customers,

I noticed that a few people have been using the blog as a method of reaching out to our customer service department. I wanted to make a place for our customers to leave their comments, so I figured I’d make a post.

Please feel free to leave comments about your favorite products, concerns about your orders, even if you just want to tell us that we are did a great job with your order feel free to leave a comment in this post. your one stop for anything you want to ask us at The Armory about.

Thanks for your time and your business.
Be sure to stay tuned for more posts

Ronald Leo Maurice IV

New-ish Shooter (7 Years) I've worked in the Security Services industry and have an interest in competition and defensive shooting. I am new to the rifle and shotgun scene but I'm a big fan of handguns, especially Glock. Being from New England I have an interesting perspective on weapons. I always happy to put my hands on new tools and try to keep an open mind.

38 thoughts to “Questions, Concerns, and Other Discussion.”

  1. Do you buy and/or trade weapons? I have a fairly new ( only fired 300 rounds thru her) Kimber 1911 .45. I am looking to go to a 9mm. Thanks.

  2. I’m looking to purchase a Mosin Nagant (non sniper) and an SKS. Will you be getting either of those any time soon?

    1. If you are looking on the website, and you see either of those products, feel free to enter your e-mail on the out of stock box that will pop up wehen you try to add the product to your cart.
      On the when more will come in note there is no way to know when we will get more in. The nature of that particular item is that you will never know when it is coming back.

  3. I just wanted to say thank you. I just received my order and wanted to say that I am impressed as to how quickly the order was shipped. I plan on passing the word to my fellow gun owners and friends that have guns about how great your customer service is and how quick you respond to your customers order. Thanks again and I look forward to my next purchase from your store.

    1. We appreciate your business and want to thank you for choosing us. We are glad you enjoyed your experience with The Armory.

  4. Want to buy this ammo…Remington 223 (5.56×45mm) PPU FMJ BT-case but not really sure what this means? What’s the best case

    1. That product is 223 Remington (5.56x45mm) 55 grain weight (weight of the bullet) FMJ-BT (Full Metal Jacket Boat-tail Projectile) Case 1000 Round Box.
      This is a Brass case, reloadable, new manufacture ammunition.

  5. I’m looking to purchase an item that says is in stock. I’d like to talk to somebody if it will fit my specific weapon. I messaged you guys on Facebook two weeks ago and haven’t gotten a reply. You guys sound like a great company and I look forward to being a customer. Is there a more direct way to contact you? sorry for doing it on here as I did see your original post 🙂

    1. Geoff,
      I think I spoke to you this morning.
      Please Call the store front at 877-424-1617 if you have any questions about products on the website.
      I apologize for not seeing this post sooner.
      Thank you and have a nice day.

  6. Hi,

    I am curious as to when you might have some more Wolf Gold 223 in stock at a reasonable price? It seems everyone has jumped on the ” I want to retire this year, so I am going to gouge my customers” bandwagon.

    I guess to each his own, but I will never buy from any of those vendors.

    I was buying the Yugo 7.62 x 39 from you guys before it became a popular item..



    1. John,
      We are currently out of stock on the Wolf Gold 223. Your best bet would be to try to add the product to your cart. When you do you will be asked for your E-mail. Enter your E-mail and when we get more in stock you will be notified.
      Thank you for your patience.

      1. Thank you for the quick response. I followed your instructions……its a waiting game now.

        Keep doing what you do.

  7. The Armory has always responded with fast and reliable service on all my past orders. With that said this order was not shipped as requested. I requested a heavy duty and discreet packaging. The order was definitely a heavy duty package but was NOT discreet. It was clearly labeled from The Armory. Please work on this.

    1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
      There are some things on the package that cannot be changed.
      It sounds like your shipping label said “The Armory”. I will look into ways to make the packaging more discrete, but things like the ORM-D sticker cannot be removed that is a DOT regulation.

      You have a nice day. We appreciate your business and look forward to supplying your future shipping needs.

      1. Thanks again for all the great service The Armory provides. I will order again from you. To help you with different ways to make the package more discreet, if you would like I can provide a picture of the shipping label. It gives the name of the individual (initials BG) followed by The Armory and then your address in VA. That is not what I expected for a discreet label. Is there any way to ship without listing The Armory on the label? Everything else is fine.

        1. Brent, I think I know what you are referencing an i am working with the shipping department to fix it. It may be something fedex/ups require on the label so i am also working with them to come to a solution.
          Thank you again for bringing this issue to our attention.

  8. I keep hearing that you cannot shoot 5.56 ammo in a weapon chambered for .223, what is the straight scoop!?!?
    Bonefish Bob

    1. There is a big debate about exactly that topic. My advice would be to do some research and find out for yourself.

  9. The prices on your Yugo brass cased 7.62×39 ammo is awesome. Unfortunately I only discovered you guys in the last couple of days and it’s sold out. Before you say it, yes, I’ve already signed up to have e-mail alert sent to me when and if it becomes available again. I know in this business there is often no way to know when, how soon, or even if certain products will be back in stock. But I’ll ask anyway, just in case you may, on this product, know this time which it is. Do you anticipate getting any of the Yugo brass cased 7.62×39 ammo in again and if so, anytime soon? If you know you will not be stocking this item anymore, please let me know, as I’m looking to buy a couple of cases of 7.62×39 (be it brass or steel) soon and I don’t want to wait and wait if you know you’re not going to get any of the brass stuff soon. I will definitely buy 2 cases of the Yugo brass stuff, depending on whether the price changes on it when you do get it in.
    Thanks guys

    1. I unfortunately do not know. With the surplus products you never know when or at what price you will get it in at.
      What you’ve done is the best way to be notified.
      I am sorry I don’t have more information, but i do appreciate your interest.
      Have a nice day.

  10. Paul Obraczka passed away in his home, on Monday, March 2nd, 2015. A memorial service will be held on this Saturday, March 7th , 1100 AM, at the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, 2017 Newman Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23188. Please join family and friends in celebrating Paul’s amazing life.

    I am sorry to report this to you guys. Paul was very fond of you all and your store.

    Feel free to email me if you need to get up with Paul’s family or friends.
    C.Thom McGaw

    1. Our deepest sympathies and condolences go out to the family and friends of Mr. Obraczka. We are sorry for your loss.

  11. I noticed when I added things to my cart it had a place for coupon code, is there a current coupon to use?

    1. The best way to get a coupon code is to sign up for our e-mail newsletter. at the bottom of each page is a sign up form.
      Fill it out and start getting codes. we also post them on our Facebook page

  12. Do you guys offer any type of military/law enforcement discount if proper identification can be sent to you directly by either email or fax?

    1. Usually orders take 3-5 business days to process or less. It looks like you are right on that 5th day. Baring any issues with your billing information you should be getting tracking information tonight. Keep an eye on your e-mail. When your package goes out you will get an e-mail containing your tracking number.

  13. Looking at the website I am interested in purchasing the IO 247 AK. Do you charge an additional $30.00 going out handling fee plus a shipping fee? Per the web site it is not clear. Also a purchase price should include the transfer to my local FFL. Why would I need to visit the store to fill out a transfer form. I am in Georgia. Never heard of being charged a handling fee by the seller before.

    1. If you order a firearm off of our website and need us to ship it to a dealer in your area we do not charge and additional 30$ fee. The outgoing transfer fee refers to people who come into our store and need to send their gun to a different FFL not our online customers buying a gun. Filling out a transfer form is required for inbound transfers from other dealers to us, so that fee would also not apply to your online transaction.

  14. I’m awaiting the arrival of my Del-ton LIMA M-LOK AR 15 Pistol I just purchased from you folks. Looking forward to a long relationship with The Armory as, so far, you’ve been very responsive to emails, etc. Since I am new to the AR world, could you recommend the proper ammo for this piece? I’m learning a ton just reading, but want to make sure I match the right ammo to this pistol. Thanks!

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