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We offer great deals and expert service. The Armory is a federally licensed firearms dealer, stocking major brands of long guns, handguns and ammunition. Available for in-store special order, we can try to get what you are looking for – perhaps a Taurus revolver; a Browning shotgun; a Glock pistol; a Remington rifle; or any caliber of ammo from .17 to .50 BMG from Winchester, Federal, Remington, PMC, Aguila, S&B, Corbon, Speer, CCI, Wolf or even military surplus.

We are striving to be your friendly, full-service, local gunshop on the internet. Please look to us for one-stop shopping for everything from your small shooting odds-and-ends to your regular high-use items. Check back and refresh your pages regularly! This site is constantly growing.

17 thoughts to “About The Armory”

    1. Could not find any place to send you questions so will try this and see if it gets to you.
      Want to get some 30-06 Springfield ammo 150 gn FMJ your # is 4102472, 500 rounds, but did not see anyplace if it is reloadable brass or are the cases steel and not reloadable??

      1. That Product is not Currently in stock, but is and it is reloadable brass. If you are interested follow the link and place the order.
        If you would rather wait for the PMC to come back go ahead and try to add it to your cart. Any out of stock product you try to add to your cart will ask for your e-mail. If you give your e-mail we will send you an e-mail when the product is back in stock.

  1. i came across your website the other day and noticed the good prices on ammo. when i
    was telling people about the price on the 9 mm wolf ammo they said (no stay away they said it a
    was bad for the guns).. but watching reveiws on youtube and reading some they sound as good as any other ammo out there. i am soon getting the new sig sauer p320 should the wolf steal casing work in this particular gun..

    1. I would say to consult your owners manual. Some manufacturers recommend against using steel cased ammo in their products(Glock being one). I have seen many people shoot steel cased ammo in not recommended weapons, but that is up to you. It may be a little more dirty than its brass counterparts and it may beat up you extractor but with what you save on the ammo you can put away for a new extractor I hear they are not expensive.
      tl;dr Read your manual.

      1. thank you Ronald leo maurice iv… this has been helpful i am going to be a new semiauto shooter need all the info i can get , i am a revolver guy trying something new…

  2. I am wondering how to contact the armory. I placed and order and never got an order confirmation or anything. They already withdrew from my bank account. How do I get in touch with them?

  3. About the AT MKE Turkish .308 ammo, the muzzle energy is listed as 1281 ft/lbs. Is that correct and if so why is it about 1,000 ft/lbs less than usual? I see that the muzzle energy column is highlighted for what reason? Thank you. MP

  4. I noticed that a new “The Armory” location is in the making. When can the local public expect information concerning the new location?

    1. We apologize for the super late response. Our Blog was offline for a good while. At this time we are about 3-5 months out on our Shooting Range. We are excited to bring another place for locals to shoot and we’ll make an announcement on our social media pages when we are getting really close to opening the doors.

  5. Do you folks take guns on consignment? I have 3 pristine guns I would like to sell. colt 45 70
    ronin 9mm 2 tone beretta 92x the latter 2 are nib and come with multi clips and custom holsters and all 3 have allen suede covers. The 45 is brushed stainless.

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