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Ronald Leo Maurice IV

New-ish Shooter (7 Years) I've worked in the Security Services industry and have an interest in competition and defensive shooting. I am new to the rifle and shotgun scene but I'm a big fan of handguns, especially Glock. Being from New England I have an interesting perspective on weapons. I always happy to put my hands on new tools and try to keep an open mind.

2 thoughts to “NEW FEATURES”

  1. I had a product question, wanted to contact “The Armory” via e-mail contact but (other than phone) found no (obvious) access so I will try this process of “Gun Groupie” communication nutwork.
    Attn Staff: I am going to buy the C-Products Defense AR-15 7.62×39 20 Round Magazine Stainless Steel Matte Black 2062041205. My question is are you going to offer it as an option to the 10 & 28?
    Thanks (FS)

    1. Currently we only have the 30 round option SKU 3062041205CPD.
      Keep an eye on the website if we get other options in stock you should be able to search that model number in the search bar and find it if we do get it in stock.

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