The Armory has a Brand New Website!



We are proud to announce that our re-designed website has been launched! We have been hard at work for the past month generating a new look and feel for The Armory. The new website brings a fresh design that is easy to navigate and intuitive so you can locate the products you are looking for quickly. It’s been a very productive year for The Armory, we are excited to bring you several new product lines, increased staff so we can bring out this new content out to you sooner, and we are working with major industry partners to help satisfy any and all of your shooting needs. As with any major re-design and upgrade, transition may not be 100% painless and we ask you to bear with us as we work through the growing pains of our major re-design. Let us know if you happen to find a glitch on the website doesn’t become resolved in a couple days and we’ll make sure to address it. Come check out the new site:

4 thoughts to “The Armory has a Brand New Website!”

  1. I would like to see the ability to refine results by ‘cost per round’ and ‘In Stock’ and ‘Quantity’ in the bulk ammo section.

    1. I will look into if this is possible. We already try to keep in stock items at the top of all the pages. If you are referring to the search functionality I am aware of a way to make it sort by price but not cost per round. Again I will look into these options. We appreciate your input on ways to make the site function better.

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