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Top Shelf Ammunition (5/5) Jul 31, 2013 Mike Patton Trumbull CT US
  I'll be buying this bulk 223 remington ammo for a long time. With the recent hikes in ammo prices due to legislation, it has been tough to find good ammo at decent prices. PMC has proven itself as not only good, but fantastic ammunition. Their PMC Bronze runs flawlessly in every rig I've put it through, rifle or pistol. I've run 3260 rounds of this through my Windham as well as my LWRC over the last 4 months and I couldn't be happier with the results. Not one single FTF or FTE and the groupings are very tight. Not to mention it isn't nearly as dirty as some of the more expensive ammo out there, which I won't name. I'll keep buying this stuff as long as it stays available at the great prices.
Great Ammo, Great Price (5/5) Jul 31, 2013 Exiled SW Tucson AZ US
  I've used PMC bulk 223 remington ammo for years now. I have never seen it at this low of a price (at least in the recent ammo drought). This little 55 grain bullet is great for the range for use in tactical drills, training for 3-gun or just plinking out to 200 yards. I've shot the pricey stuff through the same 1:9 LMT barrel and I couldn't tell much difference in accuracy for this light of a round. My only wish is that PMC would offer this price on a 69 or 75 grain round!
Great Ammo for a great price (5/5) Dec 5, 2012 Andrew Smith OH US
  I have shot many of these bulk 223 remington rounds through my AR and have never had a problem. Highly Recommend this product!
Robert (5/5) Nov 15, 2012 Robert Poynter Alvin Tx US
  I have ran over 1000 rds of this bulk 223 remington ammo through my Ar 15. tight groups of less then 1" at 200 yards. I also use PMC in my Pistols and have found them to be just as accurate on the pistol range. Never had a Failure to Fire or a feeding problem with PMC Ammo. Great Ammo for the price and would not consider any other ammo for my firearms.
Great Ammo (5/5) May 12, 2012 Don Karstetter Salina Ks US
  I have ran about 500 rounds of this bulk 223 remington ammo thru my S & W MP15 sport, not one malfuntion or misfire, and accurate to boot. I will be getting more of this in the future.
Great Ammo/Great Price (5/5) Mar 12, 2012 Tim chandler az US
  I ran 300rds of this bulk 223 remington ammo through my dpms and it performed flawlessly. Gonna pick up another case of it.
Amazing (5/5) Mar 1, 2012 Michael Bower Bethlehem Pe US
  Ordered this bulk 223 remington ammo yesterday, and shipped today. Everything I have purchased from this company has been excellent and customer service is great.
Great Ammo (5/5) Dec 20, 2011 Anonymous
  I have put several thousand rounds of this bulk 223 remington ammo through multiple AR's this is really great ammo. I have had no malfunctions and my groupings are tight.
DKacz (5/5) Nov 12, 2011 Louis Kaczmarek East Amherst Ne US
  Have put 400 rounds of this 223 remington bulk ammo through my Ruger sr556.
No problems at all. Hits hard and is very accurate.
Like this way more than Wolf, under powered, And better than Remington .
At this price you can't go wrong.
LWRC Fuel (5/5) Oct 21, 2011 Jon Dover NH US
  Have an LWRC M6A2 14.5" and M6A3 10.5" and both weapons perform well with this bulk 223 remington ammo. Haven't had any misfires, FFE, or FTF problems. Ran through all 1000 rounds over the weekend, back on here to purchase 2 more cases this time. Clean, Accurate, and pretty much the best price for 62 Grains with a brass cartridge. GET SOME before I buy it all!

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