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S&W M&P15 Loves It! (5/5) Apr 2, 2009 Doug Gordon Newark DE US
  1. Clean
2. Accurate
3. Affordable (somewhat!)
4. Reliable, no issues with a 1,000 round bulk 223 case.
nice stuff (4/5) Feb 18, 2009 Anonymous
  i put 60 rnds of this bulk 223 remington ammo through my m4 and it was supprisingly clean. seemed very accurate as well
Great Deal/Quality/Service (5/5) Feb 14, 2009 Alvis Oldham Erwin NC US
  First time purchase of bulk 223 remington ammo from PMC. Recieved in 2 business days. Got what I paid for, great value. My nephew and I both have S&W M&P15X AR15s. We have together fired over 500 rounds of the FMJBT ammo in both guns with ZERO problems and tight groups. PMC is my top shelf ammo now. Will buy again. Keep up the quality work and make more ammo! Thanks
Wow.... (5/5) Feb 1, 2009 Derrick R. Mantle Eldon Mi US
  I reciently purchased the R-15 and have shot this bulk 223 remington ammo from many different manufactures through it. This is by far the most consistant round that i have came across and see no reason to buy anything but the bronze. Great job guys. I can never wait to check the targets. Its that AWSOME!!!!! P.s does it come in j.h.b.t.?
Excellent Ammo (5/5) Nov 26, 2008 Buddy Brande US
  I bought this bulk 223 remington for practice ammo and found it to be fine in both my Bushmaster and DPMS Carbines. I will be buying more soon!
Great Practice Ammo (5/5) Nov 25, 2008 Hawkwind Atlanta Ge US
  Recently Purchased 1000 rounds of bulk 223 remington PMC 55 gr. for Combat Carbine course. All rounds fired without any problems through my Rock River Entry Tactical Carbine with 1 in 9 twist barrel. Accuracy was great. Fired a 5 round group from 100 yards from a prone, non-supported position and 4 of 5 rounds struck within a one and a quarter inch group with the 5th round flyer taking the group to approximately one and three fourths inch group. Instructor was impressed with the PMC ammo accuracy...and so was I :-) Will purchase again if price is right.
Worked Fine (5/5) Nov 23, 2008 Anonymous
  I shot 60 rounds of this bulk 223 remington ammo in my Stag Model 1 and this ammo worked fine. Just wanted to zero it in and fire off a few at 100 yards. Its as accurate as the shooter.
Great Ammo Great Price and Service (5/5) Oct 24, 2008 Aaron Lee Loveland CO US
  This is a great deal on this bulk 223 remington ammo. I have put 2000 rounds through my new ADS MODII and have had no problems. I have a local shop that charges $440.00 a case for this. The Armory is awesome, fast shipping and friendly service.
PMC 5.56 55gr FMJ (4/5) Aug 12, 2008 Brandon Smith Clarksville Pe US
  I have used this PMC 223 remington bulk ammo for many years without one failure. Even rounds that are 10-12 years old fire perfectly in my M-4 for target. Used to buy it @ $3.99 a box! Guess those days are gone.
Good price, functions well (4/5) Jul 3, 2008 Anonymous Willoughby OH US
  Put 500 rounds of this bulk 223 remington ammo through my Noveske. Functions well, a little dirty. Cant complain. Cases appear to be reloadable.

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