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Great Deal! Fast Shipping! (5/5) Jan 21, 2011 David P Brevard County FL US
  Like most others, I was semi-cautious about this bulk 223 remington ammo purchase because of the low sale price. It was the lowest I could find for this Ammo, btw. I thought maybe they were re-packed reloads or something. (they weren't) However, I was pleasantly appeased after shooting my first 10 rounds. I shot about 200 rds in first session out of my custom tac sniper AR and was easily punching out the bull (~1") @ 100yds. These NATO rds. are nice and hot so I'm eager to see how they will do @ up to 500yds. Also, these rnds are no dirtier in an AR than any other I've used. I avoid old super-cheap ammo as it is.
Another note is that The-Armory shipped very fast. I got everything 3 days after my order. Overall, I'm very happy and have returned to buy another case...as well as some mags.
Excellent Ammo (5/5) Dec 20, 2010 Brent Shriver Laredo Te US
  Absolutely the best bulk 223 remington ammo I have shot in my Armalite AR-15: 10 shot groups less than 1.5 MOA at 100 yards, no failures to feed, and no missfires. I can't produce handloads that are much better, or cheaper.
Very good ammo (5/5) Oct 7, 2010 Brian Massena NY US
  bought 1000 rounds of this bulk 223 remington ammo, I got them yesterday, went out today and as fast as I could I plowed through 120 rounds with ZERO problem. Then I went to the 200yrd line and put 14 out of 20 rounds in the bull, Very impressed. I just ordered another 1000.
Great Ammo (5/5) Mar 2, 2010 Ryan Nashville Tn US
  Bought 500 rnd's of this bulk 223 remington ammo and put them through my custom Ar-15 never had a single jam or miss feed would recommend u buy a lot cause u can go through it quick!!
Good Stuff (5/5) Nov 28, 2009 John Hampton VA US
  Bought a 1000 round case of this bulk 223 remington ammo for my DPMS-300 rounds are gone-no problems at all! Clean, accurate, and dependable ammo.
Great ammo (5/5) Aug 25, 2009 Jeff Orlando Fl US
  This bulk 223 remington ammo fires perfect every time. Now I have 0 problems! Thanks PMC!
Snorpht (5/5) Jun 18, 2009 Anonymous Mesa Arizona
  This bulk 223 remington ammo Shoots Good and is available.

Have ~200 rnds through my S&W M4 and shoots perfectly. Am I high though and are the bullet noses of PMC a little longer and more pointed than say remington .223?

Pokes my thumb more when loading.
great product (5/5) May 20, 2009 clint kamerzell pittsburg ca US
  for (very) inexpensive plinking or bulk 223 remington ammo, will hold at or just under an inch- 5 shots at 100yds!! very clean as well
Great Service (5/5) May 2, 2009 Troy El Paso Tx US
  First time purchase of bulk 223 remington ammo from The Armory and PMC. The Armory made it possible to track my purchase and was delivered on time. Just threw 100 rounds down range with zero problems and was pretty clean. I would buy this product again.
good ammo (5/5) Apr 30, 2009 v lee lake worth fl US
  Shot about 2000 rounds of this bulk 223 remington ammo and other brands this year my last weekend at 300yards gave me 3 inch group. seems clean and have no trouble in my bushmaster heavy barrel with 6x 20 scope. , I look for pmc ammo to buy i have had no trouble with pmc in 223 rem or sw 40 and 9 mm LONG FOR THE GOOD OL DAYS WHEN AMMO WAS low cost AND FUN TO SHOOT, Now i shoot on a budget.

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