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Seriously (5/5) Apr 13, 2013 JDsmith Greenvegas SC US
  thanks for this great bulk 9mm luger ammo.
9mm (3/5) Apr 13, 2013 Robert Severson Luverne Mn US
  reasonable prices on this bulk 9mm luger ammo
What a price (5/5) Apr 13, 2013 larry c g mi US
  And CTD is 79.99 a box on this bulk 9mm luger ammo
Cal 380 (50 rds) and 9mm Luger (9x19mm) 124gr FMJ Aguila... (5/5) Nov 24, 2008 Arielito M Castillo 17 PH
  I would like to order soon of your ammunition sale for my cal 380 Bersa, Box 50 rds and cal 9mm One box also after my new registration as a lawful handgun owner. There are lots of ammunitions on the gunstore here. I would like avail your promo sale if given chance to buy. I work on the Government as a Senior Firefighter here in the Philippines. I would like to know if you can send me your products even thru shipment or by mail. I have a Visa Card for payment if needed later .Waiting your reply. More power.
Aguila 9mm 124g FMJ (4/5) Apr 15, 2013 Anonymous
  Decent quality range ammo. My Sig p250 has eaten over 500 rounds of this particular ammo with no hiccups of any sort.
Good sale (4/5) Apr 15, 2013 Anonymous US
  This is a Good sale on bulk 9mm luger ammo.
1000 stars
Good Practice Ammo (5/5) Apr 21, 2013 Anonymous
  This bulk 9mm luger ammo cycled flawlessly in my Kahr CM9. I fired about 75 rounds and the pistol wasn't overly dirty from the ammo. It seemed to fire accurately enough for what it is.

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