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9mm (3/5) Apr 13, 2013 Robert Severson Luverne Mn US
  reasonable prices on this bulk 9mm luger ammo
Aguila 9mm 124g FMJ (4/5) Apr 15, 2013 Anonymous
  Decent quality range ammo. My Sig p250 has eaten over 500 rounds of this particular ammo with no hiccups of any sort.
Cal 380 (50 rds) and 9mm Luger (9x19mm) 124gr FMJ Aguila... (5/5) Nov 24, 2008 Arielito M Castillo 17 PH
  I would like to order soon of your ammunition sale for my cal 380 Bersa, Box 50 rds and cal 9mm One box also after my new registration as a lawful handgun owner. There are lots of ammunitions on the gunstore here. I would like avail your promo sale if given chance to buy. I work on the Government as a Senior Firefighter here in the Philippines. I would like to know if you can send me your products even thru shipment or by mail. I have a Visa Card for payment if needed later .Waiting your reply. More power.
Good Practice Ammo (5/5) Apr 21, 2013 Anonymous
  This bulk 9mm luger ammo cycled flawlessly in my Kahr CM9. I fired about 75 rounds and the pistol wasn't overly dirty from the ammo. It seemed to fire accurately enough for what it is.
Good sale (4/5) Apr 15, 2013 Anonymous US
  This is a Good sale on bulk 9mm luger ammo.
1000 stars
Seriously (5/5) Apr 13, 2013 JDsmith Greenvegas SC US
  thanks for this great bulk 9mm luger ammo.
What a price (5/5) Apr 13, 2013 larry c g mi US
  And CTD is 79.99 a box on this bulk 9mm luger ammo

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