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  2. Mount scope (already drilled and tapped) $20.00
    Bore sight scope not mounted by Armory $10.00
    Install Timney trigger in bolt action $30.00
    Smooth trigger on SKS * $45.00
    Smooth trigger on military bolt action * $25.00
    Polish trigger components on military semiauto * $45.00
    Free float barrel in wood stock $35.00
    (add $25.00 if barrel is glass bedded)  
    Glass bed action and barrel on bolt action rifle $55.00
    Fit and finish glass stock to bolt action $150.00
    (minus cost of materials)  
    Install sights in existing dovetail or screw holes $15.00
    Check head space $18.00
    Cut and replace bolt handle $40.00
    (can only do bolts with handles that are integral with bolt)  
    Ruger 10/22 and 77/22 trigger work $35.00
    Rebarrel Ruger 10/22 and 77/22 $25.00


Install bead in old hole $15.00
Same but drilling/tapping new hole $25.00
(new O rings will be put in gas operated shotguns and charged

on ticket. Rings will be ordered at time of drop off if practical.



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