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Clean, lube and inspect    
  Bolt, pump, single shot $19.95
  Lever action, auto $24.95
  Pistols $19.95
  Revolvers, S/A $19.95
  Revolvers, D/A $24.95
  Add $5.00 for Savage M99, Sauer shotguns, Winchester M97, LC Smith Shotguns.  
Refinish Wood Stock, Oil finish $100-$150
Same, Polyurethane $75.00
Recut checkering   $40.00 - $80.00
Drill and tap holes Each $15.00
Cut dovetail slots   $35.00
Install recoil pad   $30.00
Sight in gun (plus cost of ammo and range) $40.00
Chamber and install barrel M1 $150.00


Metal Finishing

Bead blast (no polishing) $45.00
Polish, 400 grit (will leave some deep pits and gouges) $75.00
Polish, 600 grit (remove all but the deepest pits) $125.00
Finest finish, 800 grit (all pits removed, all edges sharp, lettering and holes left sharp) $175.00
Belgian Blue $75.00
Hot salt dip $25.00


bulletSears and notches will not be recut unless they are worn to unsafe levels due to liability factors.
bulletFor the same reason as stated above,  any factory installed safety devices will not be removed or any safety features rendered inoperative.
bulletThree Certified Glock Armorers on site.
bulletBluing and parkerizing services.


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