The Armory

When Sig decided to create a new generation of SIG SAUER pistols, Sig didn't set a deadline, Sig set a goal. To incorporate the most advanced firearms technologies and at the same time to provide true value. While other manufacturers have gone to plastic frames to cut costs, SIGARMS has refused to cut corners. This is what makes the sig pro™ pistol a unique and compelling option.

By setting out to engineer a pistol that takes full advantage of today's high-tech materials and manufacturing processes, SIG SAUER has produced an exceptional sidearm that is also economical to own. The sig pro can be adapted to suit different hand sizes and shooting styles. It's easy to clean and maintain, so you can expect years of versatile service.

Other features include modular interchangeable grips, a corrosion-resistant stainless steel slide, and hammer-forged steel barrel. The sig pro's integral fire control unit is modular and can be exchanged, allowing the pistol to be converted from double/single action to double action only.

In designing the sig pro,™ the top priority was safety. When you look at a sig pro, you'll see that safety is integral, not added on. In fact, there are seven distinct design features that contribute to sig pro safety.

The unique 4-Point Safety System goes far beyond what you'll find on other pistols. The safety system consists of (1) a patented automatic firing pin block, (2) a decocking lever, (3) a safety intercept notch and (4) a trigger bar disconnector. Sig also incorporates three additional safety features: a slide that must be locked open before disassembly, a hammer reset spring, and a smooth, long double-action trigger pull.

The sig pro™ pistol represents the latest advance in modern handgun technology. Beginning with the fundamental design of the famous SIG P210, Sig's Swiss design team developed an innovative frame architecture that takes full advantage of space-age materials while enabling it to withstand high stress.

Lightweight and requiring no maintenance, the polymer frame features an integral accessory rail for mounting SIG laser or SIG tactical light systems. The frame houses fewer moving parts than most semi-autos, and those parts fit together precisely, giving you that characteristically smooth, dependable action that has become a SIG trademark. The slide is machined from a solid block of stainless steel and treated with SIG's unique Nitron™ finish for exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. All controls and the trigger are Ilaflon®-coated for added lubricity, excellent wear and corrosion resistance greater than stainless steel. Chances are the sig pro is the most corrosion resistant pistol available.

The sig pro is available in .357 SIG, .40 S&W and 9mm versions. And the SP2340 accepts conversion barrels, allowing you to switch calibers between .357 SIG and .40 S&W.

SIGARMS is uncompromising about the performance of their firearms and the sig pro is no exception. The sig pro is not "a cheaper SIG" but arguably the best performing polymer frame pistol on the market. Quite simply, it shoots like a SIG.