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9mm Makarov (9x18mm) 93gr FMJ PPU Ammo Box (50 rds)

9mm Makarov (9x18mm) 93gr FMJ PPU Ammo Box (50 rds)

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PPU 9mm Makarov [9x18] for all your surplus handguns! [Will NOT work in your 9x19/9mm Luger!]

| 93 Gr FMJ BRASS CASE RELOADABLE | Non Corrosive | BOXER Primed Full Metal Copper Jacket | High Quality Ammunition 50 Round Box |


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Average rating:
average rating 100%
7 reviews

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PPU not bad ammo 08/18/2020
Just ordered a surplus Makarov pistol needed some ammo for it ,these guys had it in stock right now it’s really hard to find ,shipping was very fast .I like PPU ammo . I have it for a couple of my pistols and rifles burns clean I’ve never had any issues with it, I also have surplus PPU for the Makaroff (I have not shot the surplus ammo yet )PPU has been making ammo for this pistol for a long time .that’s what I’ll keep running through it .PPU has been good clean ammo for me so far I think after I do this review I need to order a couple more boxes while they still have it in stock .So you guys don’t order yours yet wait till I got what I
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Satisifed 11/06/2020
By Mr. Hoggard
Product arrived in good condition in a discreet box.
Very satisfied. I will make another purchase soon.
average rating 100%
PPU 9x18 02/05/2016
By Doppelganger
High quality, clean and bright brass, reliable...
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Perfect for my makarov 10/27/2020
By A G
Ammo is really hard to find right now just weeks before the election I lucked up on this Makarov ammo , I snagged a couple hundred rounds ,it’s a little higher price than most places but at least they had it in stock.It shipped to me really quick even though most places say it’s gonna take several days before shipping, runs perfect with my back rub I’ll have to see if they have more
average rating 100%
Markov 9 x 18mm 11/06/2020
By Stephen Weatherford
never had a problem with this ammo always clean boxed nice never a misfire. Was thinking of selling my Markov but its in excellent condition, and this ammo is readily available and its very compact and it can pack a Hawaiian Punch with these rounds. I will order more from the Armory because their website is clean concise and to the point!