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357 Sig 125gr FPJ PPU Ammo Box (50 rds)

357 Sig 125gr FPJ PPU Ammo Box (50 rds)

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357 Sig ammunition made by Prvi Partizan (PPU). High quality brass-cased, boxer-primed ammo with a full-metal jacket flat-point bullet. Reliable range and target 357 Sig ammo.


Product 357 Sig 125gr FPJ PPU Ammo
Caliber 357 Sig
Projectile Weight 125gr | 125 Grains
Projectile Jacket FPJ | Flat Point Jacket
Velocity 1542 FPS
Energy 660 ft-lbs
UPC 8605003812302
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Average rating:
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5 reviews

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Quality ammo! 11/16/2015
By Erik Skaar
I have seen reviews go either way for this ammunition online, speaking from personal experience, in my Springfield XDM, this ammo has performed flawlessly, over 1500 rounds fired to date. Brass is looks amazing, relatively hot ammo with quite a muzzleflash. Accurate as can be from my firearm. And, for the price of this ammo, it truly is win win. Very pleased!
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Excellent 12/22/2016
By Thomas Ferrandino
Excellent price on this good ammo. An extremely professional Staff. "Doc" has exemplary Customer Service skills.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to The Armory!!
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Great ammo 08/21/2016
By Chris Thompson
Fired about 100 rounds through my G33 and it shoots like butter! Very happy with this ammo. No misfires to date.
average rating 100%
Get Some 03/25/2017
By anthony vargas
Excellent ammo, very hot ammo at a steal!
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Experience 09/06/2016
By Morris Lindesey
Awesome service! That is all.